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A clean baby room - effective advice


Keeping a child's room clean is a challenge for every parent. Is it possible to keep a child's room clean? Thanks to a few tips and our best practices, your toddler's room will be tidy. It is very important to choose the right furniture and divide the space into zones. In addition, it will be important to develop a cleaning habit in your child.

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When should the child transfer to their own bed?


Many parents wonder when the perfect time will come to move their child to their own adult bed. How to recognise the moment when your toddler will be old enough to sleep alone? How can you make your child undergo this change as gently as possible? 

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Beds for teenagers and children - which model to choose?


Children grow very fast! They change not only physically, but also discover their identity and shape their character. A young human imperceptibly turns into a teenager and begins to have completely different needs than a preschooler. Therefore, the children's room will have to be transformed into a teen's space, suited to the character of a young adult. 

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Are bunk beds safe?

Most children dream of sleeping on a bunk bed. More and more often, we have little space in our apartments and we are wondering how to functionally arrange a sibling's room. A bunk bed for children will be a perfect solution. A properly selected bunk bed should not only be tailored to the needs of your children, but also well secured. How to secure a bunk bed? Discover some proven ways!

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Beds for girls: a dream children's bedroom


Every parent would like to give their sons and daughters their dream children's bedroom. Even before giving birth, preparing a baby's bedroom is definitely an exciting event. We chose a suitable, small room, not far from the parents' bedroom. We are looking for the right colours. This is a difficult choice for many parents who don't want to focus on the classic blue and pink but prefer to try something different.

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How to choose children's beds: a guide to the most practical and original models


When it comes to equipping a children's room, there are many doubts, as many variables are involved. We assume that we create a unique and very important space, because the children's room is a place designed exclusively for the well-being, games and fun of the youngest household members.

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Home gymnastic ladder for your child, is it worth it?


Like every parent, you want to ensure your child has access to physical activity.  The right dose of exercise is essential for proper development and well-being. Long sunny days favour outdoor activities. The cold and rainy seasons are a bigger challenge. However, we have a great tip for you! You can easily install a gymnastic ladder for children even in a small apartment. Discover our offer of home gymnastic wall bars for children and see why it is worth having it at home!


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Children's bed - ensuring a safe sleep


Every parent wants to ensure their child has a safe sleep. That is why it is so important to buy the right bed for your child. Many sizes and models are available - how to know which to choose? A single bed with an extra bed, a railing, or maybe a house with railings is the best bed? Choosing the right bed is a challenge for every parent. Read what is worth paying attention to:

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A loft bed in a children’s bedroom- 5 ways to design the space


A mezzanine in a child's room is a great way to liven up a space and give it a completely new character. A huge advantage, which will surely please those of you working with a small area, will be the additional meters obtained thanks to this solution. How to arrange the space under the mezzanine

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A desk for a first grader. Which one to choose? Where should it be placed? Which chair to buy? - advice


Choosing furniture for a future student is a real challenge. Correct dimensions desks, adjustable chairs, study space - all this can help or hinder the learning and development of our children. Which desk and accessories should you choose so that the child's room becomes a place suitable for learning and playing?

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