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  • Princess room - how to do it at the weekend and not spend a fortune?

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Princess room - how to do it at the weekend and not spend a fortune?

Which Mother did not dream of becoming a real princess in the past? Every girl sooner or later becomes fascinated by characters from fairy tales, dreams of a castle, ball gowns and a knight on a white horse. It is these moments that create the magic of childhood, to which we return in memories after many years. Today we will show you how to create a chamber worthy of a real princess from a simple room with a few simple changes and at a low cost!




It probably will not do without painting the walls, but the solutions available on the market make it take literally a few hours to refresh and dry them. Definitely more need to devote to choosing the right color, which is to be found on the walls, after all, it is known from today that little princesses are extremely picky. However, they are also kind and willing to negotiate, they also often make it clear: I agree on every color, if it's pink!


When designing a princess-style room, it is worth taking into account the ideas and needs of the child, even if the flashy roses are not our favorite color. A good idea is to set a compromise and paint, for example, two walls for the color chosen by the child and two that will be neutral. It is also worth to include a small lady in an intense search for the perfect shade, for example, taking her to a store with construction products or showing a pattern. It is also quite likely that by seeing the amount of colors available on the pallet you will be pleasantly surprised and will opt for a completely different color. If the negotiations come to naught and the little princess wants to paint the whole room in pink, it is worth giving her different variants of the same color, showing that the same color can have many views. In the end, powder, dusty and dirty is also pink, is not it?


If your child is willing to rethink the issue of two walls other than pink, it's good to know the colors that will blend in perfectly with the chosen shade. Bright versions of gray, more and more popular mint, as well as beiges and bright blues are perfect for this role. Thanks to this combination, it will be sweet, pastel and charmingly, i.e. exactly like princesses like the most.




King's bed


No princess can do without a king's bed. Contrary to appearances, a fairytale effect can be achieved at a low cost and minimal workload.


Beds stylized as fairy-tale have their unmistakable charm, but leave little room for modification when the little princess ceases to be fascinated by characters from books. For this they are impractical and often take up a lot of space. The easiest, fastest and easiest way to create a princess's bed is to put on a simple and timeless piece of furniture and decorate it with appropriate accessories. As a base, a low cot is ideally suited, the color of which can be chosen from the factory depending on your preferences. The white bed or the natural color will look best against the background of pink walls, but there is no obstacle to choosing roses, if you decide to have a room in the style of totall pink. For the creation of a truly royal sleeping place, the accessories will be responsible and we will focus on them now.


The canopy is a classic that no princely bed can do without. It can be heavy and massive, reminiscent of the velor of the royal chambers or airy, tulle or muslin, which in the summer will act as a mosquito net. In addition, such a canopy can be decorated outside with a garland of stars and in the middle to mount LED lights, making it even more cozy.


Headrest - in the shape of a crown or diadem. For an excellent and low-budget idea to vary the bed and arrange it so that the requirements of the little princess are met. You can sew it yourself and attach it to the wall or stick it in the form of a sticker, the hand-painted artwork will also work well.


Accessories worthy of a princess


Every real princess has a dresser in her room or even a small mirror in which she can look and admire her extraordinary beauty. Accessories such as crown-shaped or carved frames as well as fluffy bedspreads and pillows that cover the bed are equally important. It is worth remembering lighting, which largely contributes to the creation of a fairytale and mysterious atmosphere in the room. To achieve it, you do not have to replace the chandeliers or wash the walls. Sufficient lamps and cotton ballsu curly around the railing of the cot or located on a table next to it. They give not only a warm, dim light that is fun, but also function as a night light.


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