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How to care for wooden furniture?

Many things have been written about the advantages of wooden furniture. They can not only enliven any interior, give it character and charm, but above all are durable, timeless and simply beautiful. And although the strength of wood beats on the head furniture made of plate or plywood, this inadequate care can destroy even the most durable ones. Shop shelves are bending under the weight of preparations intended for wood care and maintenance, but is this the right option for sure? Each of them is based on chemical substances whose presence is not indifferent to our health. What's more, popular sprays are often designed for a variety of non-wooden surfaces, such as glass, TV screen or plywood. And how do they say, if something is up to everything ...


Even if this introduction slightly disturbed your perception of everyday cleaning of furniture, do not worry. In a moment we will show you how to do it correctly and effectively, so that wooden furniture will keep its beauty for many years. It is not so difficult!


First of all, to properly match the method of cleaning and care, we need to be aware how the surface of our furniture is impregnated. The most popular are varnished, waxed and oiled furniture. If you are lovers of wood, it is possible that you have every kind of home and you already know that each of them needs a different kind of care. However, it is worth realizing that the biggest enemy of all furniture is excess water. It is she who wreaks havoc with the wood structure and is responsible for unsightly stains or swelling. Therefore, the factor that should first of all protect our furniture is excess moisture, also when cleaning.


Lacquered furniture has this in mind that they form a delicate coating on the surface of the furniture that protects it from external factors. This type of impregnation is most often chosen by families with children, mainly because the furniture finished in this way is relatively easy to clean and are resistant to most crazy children's ideas. Also furniture for children, especially beds, is finished with varnishes, but in this case they must have appropriate certificates. It is best to clean varnished furniture with water and soap petals, and use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, but remember that it should be very well squeezed. In the case of serious dirt, you can add a little washing up liquid to the water, or in extreme cases of denatured alcohol, you have to do it carefully and sensitively. Each time, however, the cleaned surface should be wiped dry.


In the case of waxed furniture, care requires a bit more work. This kind of impregnation is used primarily for decorative dressers and antiques. For their care should be used only dedicated products, cleaning with water could irreversibly destroy the piece of furniture, leaving unsightly stains on it. Waxed furniture is best cultivated simply with wax, applying the preparation with a soft cloth and making circular movements. A useful cleansing accessory is also a chamois, a sponge covered with delicate sheepskin.


The oil is most often used for impregnation of worktops and tables. This method in addition to care simultaneously penetrates deep into the wood preserving them, protecting against UV radiation, and giving it anti-static properties. Oiled furniture nurtures and cleans mainly with oil, preferably the same, which they were treated earlier. In the case of daily care of both waxed and oiled furniture, the best solution will be to wipe them very gently with a soft cloth with the addition of clean water. Remember, however, that it should only be slightly moistened, and then the whole should be wiped dry.


An equally important issue is the proper technique for cleaning wooden furniture. Always do this along the jars, in circular motions and as light as possible. Thanks to this, we feed the jars and avoid possible scratches.


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