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Space supporting how to survive winter in the apartment?

Winter stays in the best, although to be honest it's closer to autumn gray and fluff. The aura outside the window does not stimulate activity, and the low temperature and quickly falling night do not encourage long walks and madness on the playground. The situation is not improved by the fact that this year the snow is not going to sleep, which significantly reduces the attractiveness of being outdoors.


Usually, when we, adults only dream of hiding under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and somehow survive until spring, the children are still beating an inexhaustible energy. And because they have no place to use, they are looking for all the ways to make themselves at home. It is no accident that the most cut heads and broken cabinets happen in the winter. Today we have a few suggestions for you how to arrange a developing space for children, which everyone will benefit from. Parents - because they will have all the wild ideas of their offspring under control, and children because these games not only allow themselves to be fun, but most of all they develop great motor skills. High motor skills, or the development of general fitness, have a significant impact on the development of small motor skills, as well as seemingly unrelated issues such as speech or the science of writing. Its development is a priority, and if it runs smoothly, it becomes the basis for any other activity, also for learning concentration, visual-motor coordination or spatial orientation. Our proposals do not require a lot of space, or too much financial expenses - you can successfully introduce them today without making a big revolution at home.


Rockers, equivalents and tunnels


Each of these elements supports, above all, awareness of your own body and skilful balancing so as to maintain balance. At the same time, the price of each of them does not exceed PLN 250 and can be used both at home and outdoors, thanks to which equipment can be used on a regular basis and almost anywhere. In addition, each of them can be used in various ways, not necessarily obvious for adults. It all depends on the imagination of the children who will use them. Both the rocker, the tunnel and the balancing act, however, meet the very important needs of all children, regardless of their age - the need to climb and creep, which are not only great fun, but also an important element of proper development.




You do not need much to mount the swings - all you need is ready-made equipment, a hook and a solid ceiling. Regardless of whether you decide to swing the bag, stork nest or classic rocket from the playground, you can be sure that it will be occupied non-stop. There is a reason why swings are the most sought-after item on all playgrounds, children can swing on them for hours. In addition, rocking and swinging has a number of positive effects on the development of the brain and motor system, as described in more detail here. When deciding on a swing, take into account the age of the child - for children a great solution will be a safe swing with rungs, for senior citizens - a stork nest in which they can not only go crazy, but also relax or play with toys.


Use a bunk bed


Although in itself it is essentially for sleeping, there are probably no children who would use it solely for its intended purpose. Apart from such obvious aspects as building a base, ship or hideout by parents from the bed, you can use the bed so that, beyond imagination, it also supports large motor skills. If you choose a bunk bed or a mezzanine, you put a lot of weight on the quality of the materials used and the stability of the structure, in principle you have an infinite number of modifications.


One of the simplest is to replace the traditional string ladder. This is a particularly nice option for bunk beds, which have the option of mounting a ladder both from the side and from the front, so that both entrances do not interfere with each other and do not take up space. Entering the ladder from a string is much more difficult than the traditional one - it requires the involvement of all muscle parties, including deep muscles, and additionally helps to balance and balance the body. The first attempts with a rope ladder can be unsuccessful due to the fact that they are swaying, but a bit of stubbornness and some cunning will allow you to quickly master the smooth climbing up.


An interesting idea is to build a climbing wall on one of the shorter walls of the bed. It sounds difficult, but in reality it is trivial. Here is how to do it: you will need a 2 cm thick chipboard with drilled holes, which should be screwed securely to the bed frame. Handles can be inexpensively obtained in virtually any sports store or on the Internet. Depending on the child's age, you screw the handles to the correct height and you're done! Excellent fun for long hours guaranteed.


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