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Room for dreamers, shabby chic interior

The shabby chic style, although relatively young, has already gained a large number of die-hard supporters. It's hard to have a more cozy and soothing interior design trend, shabby chic has something that makes you want to keep coming back to it. Although the first mentions about it appeared only in 1980 in the pages of The World of Interiors, you will admit that its official history is short. Even if the name itself does not tell you much, certainly after reading the next paragraph you will unwrap it.

The interior decorated in shabby chic style looks as if moved from a Jane Austen novel or Lucy Maud Montgomery. Which of you after reading Anne from Green Gables or Sense and Sensibility, did not want to move to those times for a moment? Romanticism, nostalgia and melancholy - this is the quintessence of shabby chic style. So if you have a little dreamer at home, who loves to swing in the clouds, we guarantee that in a room like this, she will feel like a fish in the water. 




The color base of the shabby chic style will certainly appeal to both parents and children. In most interiors in this style, the basis is white and all pastel colors such as delicate violets, fuzzy blues and whitened yellows and subtle mint. It is worth mentioning, however, that the walls do not have to be smooth - the extremely popular motifs are rose accents in the form of wallpapers or stickers. Also welcome are patterns of hearts, angels or a small grate - it has to be cozy, warm and sooooo sweet. It is also worth taking into account that the child's room should be his asylum, and pastel colors are conducive to creating a cozy interior like no other. Thanks to the fact that they are not flashy, they help to focus and calm down before going to bed. A shabby chic girl's room is also a good alternative if we are looking for a compromise between your and your child's expectations, especially if they are strongly divergent. Thanks to the pastel palette, you can get the effect of a girlish interior without having to paint the walls pink.




The main violins in the shabby chic room are furniture that looks like inherited from the great-grandmother. Therefore, if you have an old-fashioned dresser or an unused dressing table in store, do not hesitate to use it. The shabby chic style is based on old or aged furniture that has a soul and a story. Renewing such an old piece of furniture and giving it characteristic abrasions is basically neither difficult nor labor-intensive. All you need is sandpaper, a bit of pastel paint and utensils for aging furniture. You will see for yourself how much joy you can give yourself a refreshed piece of furniture, especially if its history is associated with a mass of memories. If the old cabinet or chest of drawers goes under the brush, besides the purées, pay attention to the knobs and handles - replacing them, for example with porcelain or brass, will help perfectly match the furniture to the interior.


However, there are furniture that should be completely new when arranging the interior and should be bought with the future user in mind. This is the case with a bed to buy which you should prepare and take into account all your preferences and expectations. A shabby chic bed should be made of wood, because this material is the best fit in this style. Their construction should, however, give the impression that they are light, so as not to overwhelm the room. The rustic beds with a high headboard and slightly elevated front perfectly fit into this style. It is worth to put on a piece of furniture in a white or natural color, which not only perfectly matches the overall color of the interior in the style of shabby chic, but also fits in a different style when you feel like changing.




When choosing accessories for a shabby chic room, it is worth following the main base colors, such as pastels and whites. A large number of pillows in floristic patterns, airy curtains and a string carpet on the floor complete the whole. An interesting idea is to decorate the interior with lace, flounces, decorative applications, shabby chic is a perfect field for your creativity. This trend definitely can not be described as minimalistic, therefore all trinkets are welcome, especially those that can be used in various ways. Wicker white baskets, caskets and storage boxes are a great idea for storage and are perfect for decorating the room.


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