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How to control the chaos in the child's room

Teddy bears, dolls, balls, tons of bricks and lots of accessories, including shoes, clothes and accessories - all this must fit in the children's room. Certainly what we have forgotten, but you have to make it clear - a child's room, regardless of age, can successfully claim to be the most overloaded room in the whole house. At the same time, it is definitely the room that fulfils the most functions - it is a bedroom, a playroom and a place to learn at the same time. And even for this last reason, there should be a relative order in it. The relative word is extremely crucial here, because, and how many kids usually do not mind manoeuvring between objects scattered around, parents usually do not share this enthusiasm. How can you grasp this chaos and let the wolf be full and the sheep? Get to know our ideas!

The situation is not simple, if you have a small size - then even a small disorder makes the room seem cluttered. Anyway, let's not kid yourself, with a larger size it is not easier - there is just a lot more room for messing. Going to the essence - the key and the most important task is the separation of zones in the room. It can be done even in a small room using appropriately selected furniture. The first and basic issue is the sleeping area, because it is the dream that is the primary activity towards learning, playing and general functioning. That is why it is important that it is even symbolically separated from the play area. Such an effect can be obtained by means of a partition, a high shelf simply by putting a bed with a higher head in the opposite direction. The piece of furniture, which somehow "from the machine" will divide the room into zones without additional combining, is definitely a bed on the mezzanine or in the case of more than one child - a bunk bed. The bed on the mezzanine has the additional advantage that the space under it is empty and hides the infinite possibilities of arrangement - also the necessary storage for storage.

A zone for learning and playing, a place for other daily activities. This is where you should find a desk, toys and all the necessary objects to function. And what to hide here, this zone is the most exposed to the ubiquitous chaos. Let us start with learning - here the absolute priority of the furniture should be adapted to the child's age and age of the desk. To save space and make the room visually more orderly, put the desk under the bed on the mezzanine - this way you will not only use the space beneath it, but also create a place that facilitates concentration and learning. The only thing you need is a good lighting, which will make the hours spent at the desk pleasant. In the case of smaller children, in which it is equally important to have their own place for artwork, arranging puzzles or inviting teddy bears for tea, this solution will work just as well. It is worth remembering that the neater desk or table, the more additional shelves or cabinets can be placed nearby - it will not clutter up the space and will make it functional and orderly.

A place to play successfully can be arranged in the middle of the room, simply put a carpet or a play mat there. The allies of storing all gadgets necessary for fun are all sorts of containers, baskets and boxes placed around. This arrangement is much more practical than keeping toys on shelves or bookshelves, thanks to the fact that after playing you can quickly hide them inside - without the need for long laying. Kids have an inherent aversion to cleaning, and in the case of baskets or containers, it is easy to change this boring activity into great fun, for example by throwing plushies to the target (ie to the basket). The use of containers has one more advantage, which is worth using. By choosing different shapes and colours and using segregation, you can easily teach children, which ones are used to store, for example, blocks.

In the case of clothes, shoes, and accessories, basically the playing field is limited. The best wardrobe or chest of drawers with drawers and a hanger for storing outerwear will be the best. However, we have a way and this - mark each drawer with a sticker with the shape of the clothes stored in it - you will see what fun it is for kids to have the right things in the right place.

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