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  • House cribs in accordance with the Montessori method - which means?

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House cribs in accordance with the Montessori method - which means?

House cribs in accordance with the Montessori method - meaning what?

How does a child see the world? To understand this, let's move to earth for a moment. Literally - let's sit on the nearest free fragment of the floor. This is the perspective of the youngest, who first discover their surroundings while lying down, and then raise their elbows and hands to finally crawl and take their first shy steps. Therefore, it is worth providing your little ones with conditions in which they will be able to develop in accordance with the child's nature and at the same time safely. Such possibilities are offered by house cribs that create a wonderful space for sleep, rest and play - in accordance with the Montessori method. What is it about?

House crib for a child - how does it meet the Montessori criteria?

Imagine a house crib in a truly Scandinavian style, made from light shaded ecological pine wood. With simple forms, with safe polished edges and  equipped with minimalist roofs like a real home. Sounds good, right?

The so-called house cribs are more and more often chosen by parents who value modern, functional and safe furniture for children. They are available in various shapes, not only of the classic household. They often have fancy non-standard roofs with fireplaces, they also imitate tents. In shades of wood or classic white, you can easily match the arrangement of the room.

House cribs for child perfectly fit into the assumptions of the increasingly popular Montessori method. Its creator is the Italian doctor Maria Montessori, who opposed the traditional model of education, and supported the spontaneity and creativity of children. In her opinion, little ones should have space to freely explore the world.

The house cribs are low, made of ecological wood, certified and intended not only for relaxation, but also fun. A child can enter such a sleeping zone on his own at any time, and there is also no risk that he will fall off a high mattress. The beds in the house are therefore safe and do not restrict the activity of curious children. This is in line with the assumptions of Maria Montessori, who emphasized: When we talk about the environment, we mean everything that a child can freely choose in it and use it to the extent that he wants it, that is, according to his predispositions and his needs.

A children's room according to the Montessori school is orderly, safe, connected with nature and does not limit the needs of a small resident in any way. In the house cribs, your child will be able to create their own sanctuary, full of fun, joint activities and relaxation.

House-shaped cribs — single or maybe bunk?

The Montessori assumptions perfectly fit both single and bunk house cribs. Do you want your kids to integrate, play and discover the world together? The double-decker model is a bull's eye! During the day it will be a playground, and at night it will turn into a zone of soothing relaxation and sleep. The bunk house cribs are also safe, as they are equipped with a stable inclined ladder. The upper mattress can be used by children over 6 years of age for whom this height will not be so significant.

Modern beds of this type impress with their design. Although they are in a Scandinavian style, they also look elegant in classic, modern, rustic, boho and Provencal interiors. It's all because of the universal wood that fits with virtually any arrangement. In addition, you can decorate house cribs as you wish. You can put additional stickers, hanging toys, mascots and ribbons on them. In this way, you will diversify the play zone, which, in accordance with Montessori assumptions, will stimulate the imagination of young explorers of the world even more.

House cribs are made of natural materials, safe for allergy sufferers. All edges are polished and rounded, which further increases the safety of children. Similarly, additional reinforced barriers and the absence of harmful paints. So if you want to take care of children in accordance with the assumptions of the increasingly popular Montessori method, house cribs will pass the exam for 6!

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