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How to choose mattress for a child?

Every parent wonders what kind of mattress to buy for their child in the early stages of life. After all, toddler sleep is extremely important after birth, and the bed itself will be practically an integral part of their lives. In the following months, the mattress is just as important because it has to be comfortable not only for sleep, but also for exploring the world, which at first starts in the crib. The mattress is also the most commonly used part of a child's room, so you need to buy wisely the first time so it will fit your child as long as possible.

First, start by choosing the right mattress size, as you have several options to consider. There is a small catch though, if you opt for the 80×160 mattress size with a young child in mind, you will have to expect replacing the mattress when your child is about 9 years old. Most often, parents opt for the standard mattress size, which is 90 × 190 or 90 × 200. Everything is also determined by how old your child is when you want to buy a mattress. If he is no longer a newborn, opt for a larger size than 80 × 160.


The most common mattress sizes for children, among which it is worth to choose:


  • 60 × 120
  • 70 × 140
  • 80 × 160
  • 80 × 180
  • 90 × 190
  • 120 × 200


Another fairly important factor in choosing a mattress is the amount of space you have in your home and your budget. Both things matter because it is recommended to buy a bigger mattress due to the fact that you can spend time with your baby in it, reading stories or cuddling them. However, if you do not have more space or budget, go for a smaller mattress and replace it in a few years.

Mattress for a newborn – which one to choose?

When dealing with an infant, things get a little complicated when it comes to choosing a mattress, but we have some tips for you. At the very beginning of your baby's life, you should first be interested in mattress sizes 60 × 120 and 70 × 140, as these will work best for a newborn. However, if you have the option of buying the larger 70 × 140 size, then by all means go for the larger one. The crib mattress will last until you switch to a child mattress. What to keep in mind when buying a crib mattress? First of all, follow the basic rules: the mattress should be firm, but not like a stone! If the mattress is springy and returns to its long-established shape, it is the one. Hard mattresses that do not give way under pressure can cause your child to take unnatural positions and thus can damage their spine. Will a used crib mattress be a good idea? It all depends on the condition of the mattress you get from someone. Before you decide to take this step, then check that the mattress meets the above standards that we wrote about. Definitely do not take a mattress that has warping or protruding springs, buy a new one right away. Also remember what we wrote earlier about, the smaller the mattress you buy, the sooner it will need to be replaced.

The smallest mattresses 60 x 120 and 70 x 140

At you will find a much wider range of crib mattresses than other stores, so you can choose the custom sizes that suit you at the time. The offer includes, among others, foam, latex and foam-coconut mattresses. We give you choices that cannot be found anywhere else, so take advantage of our offer and choose the best crib mattress.

Mattresses for older children

If you are preparing a child’s room for a slightly older child, a good mattress size for the end of elementary school will be 80 × 180 and 90 × 180. You may also want to consider buying larger mattresses such as 80×190 and 90×190. If you have a lot of space in your child's room and want the mattress to last even longer than just until the end of primary school, then you should definitely consider standard sizes such as 80 × 200 or 90 × 200. The rule of thumb when it comes to buying children's mattresses is quite simple, the bigger the mattress you buy, the longer it will fit your child. That way, you will have your mattress purchase out of the way for the next few years!

The biggest choice of children mattresses on the market!, is the choice of any parent who is looking for a custom sized mattress and wants to be able to consider all options. We offer all types of mattress and mattress sizes, so you can consider your choice and not look for other options anywhere else. Whether you are looking for a mattress for an older child or a younger one, you will find everything you need here. Place your first order for a children's mattress along with a bed and enjoy your little one's peaceful sleep!

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