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Highly flexible Mattress


130 - 200 cm


70 - 90 cm

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Highly flexible Mattress
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Mattresses with HR35 foam are very flexible and light. Ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the admixture of rubber, we have obtained greater resistance to deformation and the possibility of longer use. Due to hardness zones it adapts to the shape of the body and thus keeps it in a comfortable position for us, which has a significant impact on the quality and comfort of our rest.


The quilted cover is made of cotton fabric which causes it to absorb the sweat we spend during sleep. The air-conditioning fabric prevents moisture and dust mites and protects against bacteria entering the inside of the cartridge. Thanks to the use of a zipper sewn on four sides, we have the option of separating the cover into two parts and washing and spinning in the washing machine, which also exams the large size of the covers.


The most important advantages:

  • High point elasticity and elasticity
  • Strength and resistance to deformation greater by 40% than ordinary foam mattresses
  • They adapt to the shape of the body - giving high comfort for the joints and the spine
  • Highly flexible mattresses are hypoallergenic and have no space for the accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms
  • They behave like top-class pocket mattresses
  • Two-piece zipper for easy removal of the cover
  • It is possible to wash and spin the cover
  • 100 kg durability, intended for children and adults

Type Highly flexible
Thickness 12 cm
Maximum weight 100kg
Usage time (in years) 8
Cover Cotton, quilted, hypoallergenic
Zipper Two-piece zipper for easy removal of the cover
Filling material Profiled highly elastic HR 35 foam with an admixture of rubber
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100 days for return
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