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Single bed for kids

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Single beds for children - unique models

Choosing the right bed is extremely important because it has a huge impact on the quality of sleep. As it is known, we spend about 1/3 of life in bed, so it is very important to take care not only of your comfort but also of your children's. Many parents face a difficult choice about what kind of bed should be in their home.

When making a purchase, you should be guided primarily by the quality of workmanship and the type of mattress on which our children will sleep. In smaller rooms, single beds are ideal. Billy is one of them. It is a children bed made of the highest quality solid pine. A great advantage is that its edges are rounded, which makes it very safe. You can use mattresses of 10-12CM. The bed is FSC certified.

Another kind is Cami children bed. Like the previous one, it is made of pine. It has side rails protecting the child from falling out. It is available in five different types and so is suitable for both smaller and larger rooms. Cami has drawers where you can store your bedclothes. Mickey single bed is made of both wood and furniture board. Its entry is universal, which means that it can be set to both the left and right side. It is made exclusively from ecological and anti-allergic parts. A great advantage is its low price. It will work in both the toddler's and teenager's room. Currently, Timon S single bed is very popular. It is a high-quality product made of pine wood with a 68cm long railing. The frame is made of plywood and is extremely durable (load-bearing capacity of 150kg). To make a purchase, learn more about the manufacturer's rich offer.

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