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Bunk beds

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What makes bunk beds for children special?

Who didn't dream of having a bunk bed as a kid? The bunk beds for children available in our offer are extremely functional. They are perfect for small children's rooms without space for a traditional bed. Their great advantage is that the space remaining underneath the bed can be used in various ways, e.g. as a play area or as a place for the child to do the homework. Recently, double bunk beds have become extremely popular, among which the Dream bunk bed can be singled out. It is made of high-quality pine wood and varnished MDF board. The bed frame is constructed with children's safety in mind, so it has a rounded shape and headrest filling. The entry to the bed is universal. Additionally, it has a cabinet for bedclothes. Another advantage of this product is the possibility to divide it into two beds.

Theo T1 bunk bed consists of three places to sleep, and the space between the levels enables you to comfortably spend your free time there. The bed is available in two sizes. Alike the previous one, it is made from high-quality solid wood as well. The space between mattresses is 100cm.

Another recommendable bunk bed is Trimi T1. It has three functional sleeping areas available in six different sizes. The wood used by the manufacturer has no discolouration or knots. Its load-bearing capacity is 150kg. Its additional advantage is the possibility of converting the bed into three stand-alone beds. Bunk beds for children are covered with safe water-based anti-allergic varnishes, which are also eco-friendly. They are available in six different colours. We also need to add that the bunk beds presented here are made with the utmost care. We encourage you to buy our products, which will give your children a lot of fun and serve you for many years.

Bunk beds for children: models, types and styles 

Raise your hand if, as a child, you didn’t dream of having a bunk bed in your room? 

A bunk bed is a dream for any child. We are not talking about a simple bed to sleep on. Children see a bunk bed as an original way to have fun. They climb it, play pirates, watch cartoons in it with their younger siblings, together in one bed or on their separate beds. For the youngest, a bunk bed is a kind of operating base from which all games and activities begin. It is a fun way to discover your bedroom and inner explorer. What is a bunk bed and why should we choose them for a children’s bedroom?

What are bunk beds?

We all know what bunk beds are, but not everyone knows how they are made. First of all, it is clear that we are not talking about a classic bed, but a bed consisting of at least two or more beds placed on top of each other. The models we usually see are those consisting of 2 mattresses, both of the same size, stacked on top of each other. However, you can also find bunk beds consisting of 3 mattresses. Our offer includes a wide range of both models, with two or three beds in one.  

Why is it worth getting your children a bunk bed?

It’s true, bunk beds are original solutions, even loved by children, but why do we advise parents to choose this type of beds? First of all, it is extremely practical and functional furniture. With their help, we save a lot of space, because their structure unfolds vertically upwards and does not take the space of two or three beds, only one.

A characteristic feature of our bunk beds is that most of our models have an extremely practical function, which is that you have the option to divide the bed into two separate single beds. This solution is extremely important for all those who want to change the layout of the room or decide to move one of the two beds to another room. 

Sofie children’s bunk bed

A really simple and practical model is the Sophie children’s bunk bed. Its solid and durable structure is made of the highest quality pine wood. The sparse and minimalist design makes the bed universal and easy to combine with any style chosen for the arrangement of the bedroom. It is also very safe. All its edges have been rounded to avoid accidental bumps and scratches when toddlers play. The paints used in the production are very safe for the health of the child. Water paints were used to impregnate the wood three times, they are 100% ecological. 

If you are looking for a solution for more than two kids, we recommend a three person bunk bed.

Bunk bed for kids Damiano Trio with windows

If you have three children or you often host friends or cousins on the weekends, one solution is to choose a bunk bed with three beds. Just like the Damiano Trio bunk bed for children. It is characterised by a unique house-shaped structure with windows. Apart from being a perfect solution for small rooms, it can accomodate a larger number of children, giving each of them a separate bed. The material selected for the production of this model is solid pine wood, of course of very high quality, without discoloration and knots. We are talking about a product that is not only practical, but also safe because its edges have been carefully rounded, and the paints used are ecological. The design of the house allows children to play freely, and the windows give this bunk bed an original and fun aesthetic. 

Types of bunk beds: presentation

Our bunk beds come in a variety of designs and styles. We can find simple solutions that are characterised by economical and minimalist aesthetics. These models are often chosen because they are versatile and easy to arrange any type of bedroom. For those who prefer to focus on more unique models with a fun or otherwise original shape, we also offer more sophisticated solutions, so that the child’s room can be adapted to their own needs.

Let's take a look at which models are the most popular for a children’s room and which of them you will like among our practical interior design solutions. 

Bunk beds in a minimalist style

Minimalist style bunk beds are highly appreciated for their simple and intuitive design. This is universal furniture that looks good in every child’s room. These models present a simple design, bright colours, not necessarily neutral. Children’s bunk beds in a minimalist style can also be combined with more original furnishings. In a modern children’s room equipped with vintage elements, such as a sideboard or a seven-drawer, we can combine them with a minimalist bunk bed to create a balance between furniture characterised by a different style. In this way, the children's room will take on a very personal tone and will be completely different from usual proposals that we meet at every step. 

Bunk bed for children Wanda Plus 1

The Wanda Plus 1 bunk bed for children is an example of how a simple bed model will complement and emphasise the aesthetics of a colourful children’s room. The structure of this model is made from solid wood, which makes it very durable and solid, very safe for the youngest. The space between the floors also allows adults to sit comfortably. For example, they can sit back and read a story to the children before going to bed. The simple design has been enriched with functional details, such as cut edges and safety barriers, which will make children feel not only safe but also comfortable. The Wanda Plus W1 model is available in six colours:

  • clear varnish
  • white
  • bleached oak
  • teak
  • rosewood
  • gray

When we are dealing with a bunk bed with a minimalist aesthetic, it will always be in bright or  subdued colours. Warm neutral shades give the rooms comfort and dynamics. White is the colour that we usually choose to furnish small and not to spacious children’s rooms, because it brings lightness and a touch of elegance to the room. 

Vintage style bunk beds

Vintage furniture brings uniqueness to any room, even to a child’s room. A vintage bunk bed is a choice that adds character to the interior, making it very original. This style allows us to play with various trends, creating different and original combinations each time. The most popular colours to choose from for a vintage style bed are pastels, especially antique pink or powder pink, but also light blue. Baby blue in combination with a vintage bunk bed is a perfect match to bring even the simplest pieces of furniture to life. 

Bunk bed Tom Trio

The Tom Trio bunk bed is characterised by original aesthetics and natural and warm colours. Mint green, as well as vanilla nuances, are shades that give children’s rooms a refined look despite the versatility that characterises them. Although this proposal has a different style than previous models, it is distinguished by a vintage look and more sophisticated shapes, while maintaining a universal character and easy to combine with any arrangement of a children's room. It is a model dedicated to young children, but we also recommend it for older boys and girls due to its original aesthetic. Another feature that distinguishes this bed model is the fact that it has an extra bed. Thus, we have 2 or 3 sleeping places available. 

Bunk beds in a modern style

Bunks beds in a modern style, as well as these in a minimalist style are some of our best selling beds. Why is that the case? It is easy to combine them with any arrangement of the bedroom, they are characterized by timeless simple shapes as well as simple light colours. They are characterized by a fairly simple form but we can also find solutions that differ from the ordinary compositions. In our offer you will find classic beds, but also bunk beds for children in house shapes, or practical bunk beds with shelves.

Let us consider together some suggestions that are worth paying attention to.

KEVIN SB house shaped bunk bed

If you are searching for an original and colourful solution, then take a look at this amazing proposition. The KEVIN SB bunk bed looks like a real life playground, not a place to rest right? A cozy bunk bed, but not only for sleeping! Children will love this very comfortable house bed that they will want to play in and spend loads of time in. Made of high quality pine wood, both beds are surrounded by nice, colourful, wooden fences. On the shorter side of the bed, there are beautiful wooden steps with handrails that can be placed both on the left and the right hand side of the structure. 

But the surprises don't stop there, as you can completely personalise the bed, making your little ones even happier. It is possible to paint individual elements that make up the house, including the roof, shutters, stairs, windows and flower pots, all in one of three colours to choose from:

  • grey
  • blue
  • pink

If, however, you are looking for a bunk bed suitable for children, but simpler in terms of aesthetics and at the same time very practical, check out this next one. 

Children’s bunk bed Mia Duo with shelves

The Mia Duo bunk bed for children stands out from the previous proposals because of its practicality and simple but effective design. The whole piece has been enriched with shelves and additional tops of which you can put your favourite books, as well as stuffed animals and a few toys, which will always be at hand in this way. The bed is made from high-quality pine plywood, a material that is certainly very attractive in terms of appearance, but also guarantees long term durability and solidity of the bed. Another advantage of this model is the material from which it was built, which is completely renewable as it has never been varnished or painted. Eco enthusiasts can do nothing else but fall in love with this practical, elegant and green solution. As in the case of most of our proposals, all the edges of the model have been carefully polished and rounded to protect the youngest, and this is the most important thing for us.  

Bunk beds and age groups: child safety first

Can all children sleep on a bunk bed? The answer is: it depends. Of course, for very young children there are more suitable solutions, such as cots, but also cradles, which transform into practical beds and the child ages. There are those who prefer to have a space intended only for a baby and opt for a single bed. However, if you have more children, the younger child can sleep peacefully with his brother or sister, but on the lower bed. Let’s see together some tips and suggestions based on the age range of children.

Bunk beds for children: age range from 0 to 3 years old

The age group from 0 to 3 years old is a very delicate group. There are a few tips that should be followed if you want such a young child to sleep in a bunk bed. First of all, a child in this age group from 0 to 3 must absolutely sleep on the lower bed. 

So when can a child start sleeping on the top bed? We recommend that you do it from the age of 6 and up. As your child will be able to get to the top bed without a problem. Please note that our bunk beds are equipped with not only rounded corners but also safety rails both at the top and at the bottom.

Bunk beds for children: age group from 3 to 6 years old

While children under the age of 6 should not sleep on the top bed, from the age of 6 they can safely do so without any problem. The uppermost part of the bunk bed is the spot most desired by the little daredevils. Therefore one they reach an appropriate age, the real challenge will be to give the upped bed to the younger sibling.

Children’s bunk bed Bosse

The Bosse bunk bed is the perfect solution for children aged from 3 to 6. The design on the bed is very simple, and its natural colour allows the bed to be fully integrated into any type of children’s room, regardless of the chosen style of furniture. This solution is a way for siblings to be together all day long: during the day it will be a home playground, and at night it will guarantee a pleasant and restful sleep. An oblique ladder placed next to the structure increases its comfort and safety. 

Children’s bunk beds: age group from 6 to 12 years old

The age group from 6 to 12 years old is an age group in which children begin to have a greater autonomy, even in the selection of furniture for their room. Listening to them, especially during this period of adolescence is very important. New needs, tastes and passions mature and all this is also reflected in the furnishing of their rooms. 

Therefore, we recommend focusing on a very simple bunk bed, a model that is adaptable and easily accessible, whose individual parts of the bed can be dismantled and placed at different points in the room, or even in the house or apartment. 

The prices of bunk beds

Bunk beds are really practical solutions for children’s rooms, but are they also economical?

Prices vary, as with any type of furniture, not only by model, but also depending on the material used, the design and the possibility of personalising the choice or not. In our offer you will find different price ranges, ranging from a minimum of 314€ to 2,360€.

The characteristics of bunk beds: materials and colours

All our bunk beds have a very solid and durable construction as they are made from wood. We prefet solid wood, mainly pine wood, which is why our models are durable and have elegant and simple aesthetics. Wood is a material with a wide range of properties that gives rooms a sophisticated look thanks to its warm shades, it also livens any interior arrangement. 

When it comes to colours, we have several options for adjusting and personalising various types of solutions. Pastel colours are very popular. In our offer you can find classic pink, light pink and blue, accompanied by more unique colours, such as mint, vanilla or universal and more modern gray. More natural variants, from white to teak, from alder to rosewood, further enrich the colour palette from which you can draw on and make childrens bunk beds truly unique. 

How to pick mattresses for a children’s bunk bed?

Bunk bed mattresses can be made from various materials, but each model will be perfect for ensuring a good sleep for our little ones. Let’s have a look at what we have available for you.

Latex mattresses for bunk beds

A latex mattress is one of the most bought and best products for our child’s rest. Perfect air permeability and elasticity of the mattress will ensure a restful and deep sleep. Thanks to the presence of hard areas, it adapts to the shape of the body and thus keeps the child’s body in a comfortable position all the time. 

A highly elastic mattress for a bunk bed

The highly elastic mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body. The flexible mattress guarantees comfort and uninterrupted rest. Its advantages are active ventilation and light weight.

A coconut and foam mattress for a bunk bed

A coconut and foam mattress is a mattress suitable for allergy sufferers. It has high air permeability, which prevents the growth of bacteria and other allergenic factors. The coir layer is protected with a special mat, thanks to which the fibers do not penetrate the coating.

Foam mattress for a bunk bed

The foam mattress is characterized by greater hardness, while its cover is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for the youngest.

Thermoelastic mattress for a bunk bed

If you are looking for a super modern product, a thermoelastic mattress is a perfect solution, it adapts to the shape of the body and perfectly supports the spine. The foam reacts to the body temperature, giving you a feeling of maximum comfort while resting. 

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