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A clean baby room - effective advice


Keeping a child's room clean is a challenge for every parent. Is it possible to keep a child's room clean? Thanks to a few tips and our best practices, your toddler's room will be tidy. It is very important to choose the right furniture and divide the space into zones. In addition, it will be important to develop a cleaning habit in your child.

When should the child transfer to their own bed?


Many parents wonder when the perfect time will come to move their child to their own adult bed. How to recognise the moment when your toddler will be old enough to sleep alone? How can you make your child undergo this change as gently as possible? 

Beds for teenagers and children - which model to choose?


Children grow very fast! They change not only physically, but also discover their identity and shape their character. A young human imperceptibly turns into a teenager and begins to have completely different needs than a preschooler. Therefore, the children's room will have to be transformed into a teen's space, suited to the character of a young adult. 

Are bunk beds safe?

Most children dream of sleeping on a bunk bed. More and more often, we have little space in our apartments and we are wondering how to functionally arrange a sibling's room. A bunk bed for children will be a perfect solution. A properly selected bunk bed should not only be tailored to the needs of your children, but also well secured. How to secure a bunk bed? Discover some proven ways!

Beds for children

Nowadays, everyone dreams of having a comfortable bed to relax. Choosing the right bed for your child is not easy, especially when it comes to comfort and safety. Here arises a question about what kind of bed you should choose for your children.


We have both single and bunk beds, as well as double beds and children mezzanines. For a smaller room for two children, we recommend buying a bunk bed. It is very functional and takes up little space. Sophie and Wanda are one of the most popular bunk beds. Both of them are made of high-quality solid wood. An additional advantage of Sophie is its very durable frame, which is made of fourteen wooden slats joined with tape. The maximum load of this type of bed is about 190kg. Wanda is primarily characterised by a large space between the levels so that your children can sit on it at ease. Water-based ecological and anti-allergic varnishes are used in its production.

A mezzanine bed can be a great solution for older children. The space underneath the bed can be arranged as a play area or filled with a desk and other furniture. Hubi children beds are made of solid wood combined with a wooden board. They are extremely durable and stable. The entry is universal - right and left-handed. You can select from 5 different sizes. For those who appreciate traditional beds, we recommend single or double beds. They have safe, rounded sides and drawers for bedclothes. All our products are made of the highest quality materials, so they will serve you for many years. Beds for children from WNM Group are a guarantee of quality and comfort!