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Loft beds

Loft beds for a children's room: How to choose the right model?

What are loft beds?

Arranging a children's room varies depending on the age of the child and always poses new challenges for parents. The central element here is the design of the bedrooms, which can be implemented in various shapes, sizes and heights. Mezzanine beds are particularly popular because they allow you to keep as much free usable space as possible, especially in small rooms, and also give many opportunities to play and use space, because they differ from bunk beds in that at the bottom instead of low the bed is free space. Mezzanine beds are beds in which the sleeping surfaces are clearly (more than 1 meter) above the floor, thanks to which the area obtained under them can be used as additional living space or storage space.

How to furnish the space under the mezzanine bed?

Mezzanine beds create new spatial possibilities and usable space where there is actually no more space. It's amazing what you can fit under such a sleeping surface. The furnishing options range from a work/study area, a reading corner and built-in cupboards, to a children's play area. Or maybe there was a study or a reading corner first, and now you need an economical place to sleep for your guests? Then such a bed is the perfect solution: thanks to the raised bed, you can keep all the furniture as is, and at the same time offer the guest - provided that they do not suffer from a fear of heights - a wonderful place to sleep.  With our range of products, you can see how to make the most of such a bed and the space under it.

Which rooms are suitable for mezzanine beds and to whom we recommend them

First, make sure the ceiling in the room is high enough. We do not recommend this solution in apartments with low ceilings and in attic rooms. The minimum room height for such a bed is 2.20 m. If you want to install a worktop under its sleeping surface, it is important that the available height of this surface (distance from the bottom edge to the floor) is at least 140 cm. It is also important to ensure sufficient lighting, as the natural flow of light to the working area is limited due to the superstructure above it. 

To ensure sufficient air circulation and minimise the risk of injury when sitting down, a distance of at least 70 cm is required between the ceiling and the mattress. 

If we want to be on the safe side, we should not buy a child such a bed before they are about 6 years old, because it is only at this age that they are able to correctly assess height and are also aware of the danger of falling. However, children develop very individually and this age specification is only indicative.

Types of loft beds for children in our offer

Children's loft beds can be divided into different categories based on the height of the sleeping surface. Different models are recommended depending on age.

Half-bunk bed on a mezzanine

If you are planning to buy such a bed, but you are not entirely sure if your child is ready for it, you can also choose the lower beds on the mezzanine. They consist of a normal bed, fall protection and a raised base with a ladder. This variant of the children's loft bed has a maximum total height of 120 cm. The lying surface is usually accessed via 3 rungs of the ladder. A preschool child is very good at getting up and down, which is why the half-bunk bed on the mezzanine can be used from about 3 years of age due to the relatively low lying height. In our offer you will find our mezzanine bed Dora and our mezzanine bed Lotta with a slide, which were designed for younger children and will surely win the heart of every toddler! For the safety of the youngest users, they have a total height of 110 cm. The construction of such a children's bed on a mezzanine is made of solid pine wood, carefully selected and secured. All the edges of the beds from the ANNDY collection have been carefully smoothed and are safe for children. The universal entrance to the bed is adapted to your needs, the ladder can be mounted on the left and right side.

Loft bed with stairs

Our mezzanine bed with stairs Pola is a perfect idea for a child's or teenager's room, especially in interiors where every centimetre counts. The space under the 145 cm high bed can become a creative space for a child or a place to study - we can place a desk, armchair, bookshelf or a comfortable sofa under it. In addition, it is equipped with a comfortable staircase. The stairs are equipped with drawers, which provide additional storage space for clothes or toys. Thanks to these features, the bed will not only be a comfortable place to sleep, but also a cosy place to play or a place for perfect relaxation. Our house shaped bed on a mezzanine Artur will surely delight every child! Perfect for girls' and boys' rooms. The solid bed is made of high-quality pine wood combined with a glued wooden board and hardwood plywood. The original house shape will encourage children to play creatively during the day, and at night it will provide them with a comfortable and safe sleep. It is equipped with a roof, windows and a fence that give it a fairy-tale character. Comfortable stairs with drawers lead to the bed, which are perfect for storing children's accessories and toys.

Mezzanine bed maksi

Depending on the model, the total height is from 170 cm to 200 cm. This variant of the bed is recommended from school age, it is also very popular among teenagers. However, the younger the child is, the more importance should be attached to the highest possible fall protection - in some cases, boosters for the bed frame are also available (e.g. mezzanine bed Luki Plus L1 for children).


Mezzanine bed for the children's room

The dream of many children is a bed with a mezzanine. It is a great alternative for people with a small apartment because it takes up little space. While making a choice, it is worth paying attention to the bed with a mezzanine to the children's room Antresola Liki Plus L1. It is a high-quality piece of furniture made of solid first-class wood, free of discolouration and knots. Its stable railing will ensure the safety of your children. It can be installed both in the front and on the side of the bed. Thanks to the free space provided by the mezzanine for children, you can create a place to learn or play. It's easy to fit cabinets, armchairs or a desk underneath. An additional advantage of the mezzanine is that it has rounded sides and uses exclusively of anti-allergic and ecological varnish.

Beds with a mezzanine for children are available in several interesting colours so that every young person will be able to choose the most interesting product. Another recommendable bed is the mezzanine for children Luki L1. Like the previous one, it is made of solid wood. The frame is made of 2cm thick plywood and 4.5cm x 4.5cm wood. This product is available in six sizes. The entry is universal, so it can be mounted both on the left and right side. You can use mattresses of 10-12cm.

A bed with a mezzanine for children increases the usable space of the room, so it is worth choosing it. It is a great alternative for people who appreciate minimalism. An additional advantage is undoubtedly its low price and durability, thanks to which your children will use the bed for many years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and make the choice that is right for you.

All you need to know about mezzanines

A mezzanine is one of the best choices you can make for relatively small rooms to gain a very large area to use. Of course, the rooms must be high enough to ensure maximum comfort. The mezzanine can be built in high apartments, attics or lofts. A lot depends on how you want to use it. It is even possible to build a bed on the mezzanine, which is a kind of variation on a bunk bed.

What roles can the mezzanine have in the apartment?

Depending on the size of the apartment and the height of the ceiling, it can be a solution to the problem of no free space. Generally, depending on the vision, it can act as a quiet and extremely intimate bedroom. Of course, nothing stands in the way of using the mezzanine to create a comfortable workplace (something like a mini office). Book fans can create a secluded place where they can put their bookshelves and a comfortable armchair to enjoy reading their favourite pieces in peace and quiet. Are you wondering what room is best for the mezzanine? A living room and smaller rooms are usually the best for this purpose. They make the room much warmer and more practical. You need to be aware that a larger area also means more possibilities for arranging available rooms. A very interesting option is to build a mezzanine in the child's room to make space for a bed. The surface that remains underneath can be successfully used to set up a desk and other furniture for the learning area.

Mezzanine construction: what do you need to remember?

A mezzanine is a very interesting way of practical use of the space you have. It is worth noting that it gives the room a unique character. However, there are several aspects that you have to consider in your planning so that it doesn't turn out to be one big flop.

Room height

A properly designed mezzanine should be located in a room with an optimal height of 4 to 5 meters. You must remember that the minimum height that is necessary for comfortable use of the lower part of the room is 2.2 meters. It's where the mezzanine should be placed - not lower. You must also remember the average thickness of the structure of 20cm. Generally, we can say "the higher the room, the more comfortable the mezzanine". Admit it - moving when you are even a bit stooped is not an interesting experience. NOTICE: Lower rooms can be ideal for creating a mezzanine meant typically for sleeping where you can put a bed or just a mattress to sleep on.

Electrical installation

Another aspect you can't forget is the electrical installation. It is worth providing an additional socket at the bedside, whether it is for a bedside lamp or even for charging a phone. If you love to work for a while before sleep (already in bed), then a minimum height of 1.2 metres will be adequate.

Room layout

It has a direct impact on the mezzanine layout and its size. It is difficult to ignore the shape of the room, where there must also be space for stairs. If there is not enough room, a possible remedy is to install a ladder. As usual, a lot depends on the possibilities and the idea for the room arrangement. NOTICE: If there is no room for normal stairs, a good choice are spiral stairs, which also take up relatively little space.

Materials used in the construction of the mezzanine

The mezzanine must be made of durable and resistant materials - usually wooden structures are used, but nothing stands in the way of using steel or even reinforced concrete. When choosing the material, take also into account the style of the room interior where you plan to place the mezzanine. Another issue is appropriately load-bearing construction. As you can see, it is not worth saving when choosing the right technology. If the mezzanine is planned to be a way of creating an "extra room" and intensively used, opt for reinforced concrete or steel. NOTICE: When choosing a wooden mezzanine, don't save if it's not necessary, because a reliable source is the basis of quality and its proper condition. The wood should have no knots and curves and class 2 at least, class 1 preferably. As for the kind, use oak, beech or ash.

Type of walls in the house

This is an aspect you have to check before you start designing your mezzanine because the type of walls translates into their load-bearing capacity. Generally, it should be mounted to the structural elements of the building because thin partition walls may turn out to be too weak and not able to bear much weight. It is sometimes worth consulting an expert who will assess their technical condition. Any cracks or defects are very important - they can get bigger when drilling holes for anchors and mezzanine ground beams.

Safety is the most important - also for the mezzanine

The mezzanine has at least one side from which a careless person could fall. Therefore, it is worth providing railings or interesting bannisters in advance. They ensure the basic safety in the daily use of such structures. They become even more important if the mezzanine is to be used by children, who are often even unaware of the danger. Another issue is the appropriate lighting and stairs, which can be steep due to limited space.

Interesting accessories and ideas

The space under the stairs is a place that can be successfully used to build a tasteful showcase or even a dressing room. However, it all depends on the design used and the amount of space.

How to make a mezzanine at home?

A mezzanine bed is the dream of many people who struggle with relatively small areas of their houses or flats. It is a designer dream come true. A properly designed mezzanine can be a real attraction of any room, giving it a unique touch. It is therefore not surprising that such constructions are enjoying increasing popularity. On the surface, the design of any mezzanine seems simple and undemanding, but even small design errors can lead to big problems. It is also worth ensuring professional installation, which after all determines the safety of use. A huge problem is also the wrong choice of materials, the inadequate strength of which may even be a threat to the life and health of the household (collapse of the whole structure is unfortunately very likely). NOTICE: If you don't have the appropriate technical knowledge, experience in construction - it is better to give up building a mezzanine on your own, because the effects can be poor if you make even seemingly small mistakes. The safety of you and your loved ones should always be a top priority. An experienced designer will know what material to use in a specific situation. The same applies to the mounting accessories, the strength of which should be suitable. No less important aspect is the loads that the supporting structure of the building will have to bear. If you plan to use wood to build your dream mezzanine - go to a sawmill or woodworking shop, where specialists will select the right quality materials for your construction. It is a very good step to order individual elements of the construction from them. TRIVIA: Fashionable lofts perfectly match the wooden ground beams, and the mezzanine floor can be successfully finished by laying a carpet on it. It is worth limiting the additional weight of the structure (if justified).

How to make a mezzanine? Mezzanine construction step by step

Constructing a small mezzanine which is a sleeping place is relatively simple and smooth. The basis is wood, the quality of which should be one of the most important aspects. In simple terms, it is a wooden platform mounted between two walls. In order to build a small bedroom, use square timber beams of the size and length appropriate to the width of the room. Of course, the boards will also be necessary for laying on beams - thus creating the mezzanine floor. If you're looking for safety and strength, use wooden angle struts placed at 45 degrees. The most important stages during the construction of the desired mezzanine:

Stage 1 Well-thought-out design

The initial stage must be the mezzanine design. The basis for this will be an accurate measurement and the location. An interesting step is to draw the design taking into account all the details (it will facilitate the work in the future). In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. NOTICE: At this stage, you should also provide the electrical installation.

Stage 2 Purchase and production of mezzanine construction parts

If you already have a finished design, go to a wholesaler or sawmill to order suitable materials (e.g. wooden beams, load-bearing elements, metal construction, etc.). The accuracy of the sketch and precise dimensioning is very important so that specialists can cut the individual elements so that they fit perfectly into the room where they will be installed.

Stage 3 Preparing the holes for beams

Holes should be drilled (through) along the ground beams to place the beam to the wall in the next stage to mark the place for recesses. Generally, the basis for this stage is the drilling of all mounting holes. The holes for anchors mounted in the wall are drilled using the M16 or M12) bit. There are two types of anchors: expansion and chemical. Most often the first ones are used, which are designed in such a way that their tip spreads out sideways anchoring the whole structure in the wall (similarly as in the case of dowels). Drive them in as calmly and gently as possible, because driving them in too fast can lead to a crack in the wall, which you would definitely prefer to avoid. The second type is a chemical anchor, seated in with a special hard setting mass. Its strength is comparable to that of the more classical one - steel. NOTICE: When drilling, watch out for electric cables, including those from the new installation created especially for the mezzanine.

Stage 4 Fixing construction beams

The next stage is the proper installation of beams to the walls. When placing the ground beams to the previously prepared holes, start driving the screws in. Special washers are placed on them to protect wood against screws.

Stage 5 Beam finishing

At this point, it is necessary to ensure that the ground beams are aligned and the plaster is applied. Naturally, you can start painting it and all walls only after it is dry.

Stage 6 Mezzanine floor

Pre-prepared boards can be then screwed to the beams, thus forming the floor of the mezzanine. It is worth leaving tiny gaps between them because the working wood shrinks periodically and then increases its volume. Lack of gaps can lead to deformation and rapid warping of the floor. What is more, they have a positive effect on the ventilation of the entire structure.

Stage 7 Installation of ladder and safety devices

This is one of the final stages during which the stairs chosen at the design stage must be installed - they are crucial for proper use of the whole mezzanine. Then, provide the railings to reduce the risk of accidental falling out. You've just finished constructing a simple mezzanine - CONGRATULATIONS!

> Things to know <

The construction of a mezzanine, whether in a block of flats or a detached house, does not require any building permit. However, the structure itself can be very heavy, which often results in the need to obtain permission for its installation, e.g. from the management of a housing cooperative. So, if you want a mezzanine in your apartment, choose the most durable and lightweight materials possible. Ready-made mezzanines usually installed in children's rooms are very popular. They are based on modules that do not require problematic drilling and subsequent major room renovation.

Bed on mezzanine - lighting

Beds on mezzanines have become very fashionable and are installed in increasingly more apartments. It is worth noting that not only do they look great and give character to the apartments, but also make it possible to enlarge the usable area. It is particularly important in small flats (studios). However, do not forget about lighting, because a room with a mezzanine has a completely different layout, which translates into insufficient light from one chandelier usually installed under the ceiling. Strong light bulbs should definitely not be installed, as they will make it even more difficult to function properly on the mezzanine - without removing the darkening of the lower part. The wall lights and all sorts of directional lamps are an excellent choice. They will provide the right amount of light without glare. Consider the soft LED lighting for the upper and lower part of the mezzanine. An interesting solution may be a LED tape (with many tiny diodes, the colour of which can often be changed with a remote control). Another advantage of this type of lighting is its economy and durability because LEDs do not burn out so quickly and consume much less power. They, therefore, allow for comfortable and economical operation. There is also an ecological aspect to them - they do not contain mercury and other toxic substances found in "energy-saving bulbs".

Bed on mezzanine - for what rooms?

Beds placed on the mezzanine are a perfect choice for people with a relatively small bedroom. However, it is worth noting that such a structure should be at least 1.2 metres high. This is a generally accepted minimum for quite a comfortable use. However, if the rooms are up to 4 meters high, the mezzanine can successfully serve as a landing of sorts. This will have a positive impact on the usable space, as you can use the height for the mezzanine and the lower floor. It will be an ideal place to relax, work or study. To sum up, if the height of the room does not allow for the full 2.2 meters to the level of the mezzanine floor, opt for a mezzanine to sleep.

Mezzanine for children

The mezzanine in the children's room is usually a sleeping area, but raising the bed frees the space below it. You can successfully organize there a place for a desk, chair and a cupboard or a library. Much depends on the specific characteristics of the room, as well as the idea for the interior design. It is worth noting that the use of different colours will positively influence the perception of the room by the kid and will make it simply warmer. No one claims that the mezzanine has to be built in greyish colours. A small room does not have to mean there is no space - just opt for the mezzanine, which is a perfect arrangement of available space. Paradoxically, you can buy small ready constructions in a shop, but if you still decide to use a custom design, nothing stands in the way. There is a reason why they are being built in increasingly more apartments. They are an excellent way to organize everyday life, as well as a unique decoration of the apartment. You have to admit it, it's an extremely modern element that gives it a unique character.

Mezzanine in a block of flats/house/loft

Initially, you may think it's a stupid idea, after all, "there's no room for it." Another problem is the need to tear down walls when installing beams and crossbars, and not everyone is ready for such far-reaching sacrifices. Finally, it will take a while for the renovation team to restore the apartment to its usable condition. Possibly, you may have to move with your loved ones to your family or your favourite hotel. Paradoxically, building a mezzanine can be the perfect time for a holiday, as long as you have a trusted team or someone who can take care of the work. The mezzanine doesn't have to be a sleeping area, you might as well have a study, a library where you can read, and even a bathroom or sauna. After all, everything depends, as usual, on technical conditions, the idea, as well as financial possibilities. Depending on its area, it can serve as an additional room, which will definitely make your everyday life more attractive.

Home mezzanine - library

A mezzanine offers many possibilities, and one of them is the arrangement of the library. It will be a great idea if you and your close ones love to read books, but there is no room for them in the daily life full of rush. Moments spent in such a retreat will certainly be a source of pleasure and a moment of calm and stabilization after a very hard day full of stress and clash with everyday life. So if you have conditions for this, take the opportunity and feel in control of your life. Can you imagine the mezzanine at the end of an artistic staircase leading from the living room? It will certainly be a showcase of your home or apartment/loft. If you add slight haunches associated with pitched roofs - all this will have an amazing effect. Books read in such conditions will certainly give even more pleasure. Perhaps the ideal decoration style for such a library would be classical wooden furniture - not necessarily antiques, but if you like it, then why not?

Summary - why do we need mezzanines?

Would you like to have your secluded little corner, a separate space that will be inaccessible to those you don't want to let in? The mezzanine will be the best possible option. The living room where it would be placed makes it possible to create a landing of sorts from which you can easily see the whole room. This can bring all family members together. Open space may definitely lead to this. However, you must remember to have it done and designed by professionals. It will have to withstand considerable loads and show adequate durability. After all, this is important for safety as well as for the practical aspects. Beds at heights are unique constructions which, despite the need to invest a little more than the proverbial several pennies, are becoming increasingly popular. Paradoxically, not only in houses or large lofts but also in a typical block of flats. Of course, the amount of space available makes them usually places to sleep, but they still allow you to recover a large area that can be successfully used for other purposes. If you want to make yourself and your loved ones a gift that they won't forget - you know what to do!


Loft beds for children: original solutions without sacrificing the practical aspects

Do you want to change the style of your child's bedroom, but have no ideas? We advise you to start with the bed, the most important piece of furniture in the room. Focusing on a truly unique product that all children will love at first sight and that they will never want to leave. This element of the children's room arrangement is the loft bed.  

What is a loft bed?

The loft bed is one of the most original proposals when it comes to choosing a bed to equip your children's room. At first glance, it reminds us a lot of a bunk bed, except that without the lower part, it "only" has an upper bed. As a consequence, this will mean that the lower part of the bed will initially be empty, but over time it can be decorated and arranged according to your own needs, the style of the bedroom and the personality of the children who live in it.

Holly loft bed

The Holly loft bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture, characterised by an economical design and geometric lines.  It is a model that may seem very simple, but is unique and is certainly one of the most-liked products in our offer.

It's very practical and universal, it allows us to obtain a large amount of space even in a small and compact children's bedroom. Its upper part is intended for a bed secured with a solid protective railing. All corners and angles have been carefully rounded and its surface is painted with water-based, certified, odourless and safe for children's health paints, which, of course, meet all applicable European standards.

How to furnish the lower part of the Holly loft bed?

As you can notice quickly, in order to be able to get onto the bed upstairs, you need to use a practical ladder, also characterised by a simple structure, but at the same time very resistant and safe for use by children. If you do not know how to furnish the bottom of the bed, we can offer you various solutions.

There is a lot of reclaimed space, you can place a vertical or horizontal bookcase. You can store books and other necessary children's items on it so that you can always keep the bedroom neat and tidy. If you do not have a bookcase, but several different pieces of furniture of different sizes, you can place them under the entire structure, depending on the height, creating a varied, colourful and original composition.

How to choose a loft bed for children: tips and tricks

The idea of buying a loft bed is tempting, but you do not know if it will eventually work in your children's bedroom? First of all, make sure the ceiling of the room is high enough. We do not recommend using this solution in apartments with low ceilings or in an attic bedroom. The minimum height of the room to accommodate the loft bed is 2.20 meters.

Who do we recommend a loft bed for children?

A loft bed is a brilliant solution for those who have little space in their home and do not know how to arrange the space in the rooms to get a little more space. For this reason, we recommend buying a loft bed for those who live in studios, in lofts or in not too large living spaces. In addition, such a bed can prove to be an excellent solution, giving the room a greater sense of space and brightness, thanks to the fact that the bed, structurally speaking, tilts upwards.

Viki loft bed house shaped bed for children

Viki loft bed for children is a true symbol of style and uniqueness. This type of solution allows us to change the arrangement of the furniture and make the most of every square centimetre of the room. The upper sleeping area is comfortable and safe even for the youngest because it is surrounded by a durable protective barrier that does not touch the walls of the room. Our Viki loft bed is made of solid wood, thanks to which it guarantees safety of use and quality for many, many years.


The space under the bed can be arranged in several different ways.  It is 145 cm high and can be easily transformed into an original playground or become a perfect study space. In any case, the loft bed is certainly an excellent investment for parents, and great fun for the little ones, because it is not only a comfortable place to sleep but also a very cosy place to play, relax and learn.

The choice of light sources and the method of their placement

Lighting is a basic element when arranging a home space, as it makes the rooms more functional. It also significantly influences the appearance of rooms and rooms. That is why, when we buy a loft bed for a children's room, we also need to arrange all kinds of lighting very well. First of all, it will be necessary to check the location of electrical sockets, and therefore add at least one at the height of the bed, to place a reading lamp or mobile phone charger at the height of the bed.

The right lamps for the loft bed: how to arrange and illuminate the rooms

Which lamps are suitable for illuminating a loft bed? We have various solutions, but first of all, let's pay attention to the main light source that illuminates the bedroom. If we chose the ceiling light as the main light, we need to be careful not to place the loft bed too close. The same goes for pendant lamps. These solutions, which are certainly modern and stylish, may not be very practical, especially if the bed is placed higher than the lampshades. The perfect solution is to use wall lamps, which guarantee functional and modular lighting. In addition, if you choose lamps with indirect light, you will be able to adjust the intensity of the light beam to the area you want to illuminate more or less.

Styles and furnishings for a bedroom with a loft bed

The pattern and style of the loft beds will help define the appearance of the children's bedroom, thus giving it a more personalised and original character. We advise you to focus on simple models with bright colours, they will liven up the space with very bright nuances that will create a continuity between the different pieces of equipment belonging to different styles.

In our offer you will find various types of proposals, most of them have an economical design, straight lines, without an unnecessary number of elements that would burden an already quite complex structure. Let's have a look at a few selected proposals for a children's bedroom.

A loft bed for children in a minimalist style

A loft bed in a minimalist style is characterised by neutral or light and natural colours. Most of our models have a natural, wooden look, but many of them also come in white or grey. The choice of the colour of the finish depends largely on the style of the furniture in the child's room and the arrangement created by the rest of the accessories there.

Many people love the arrangement of children's bedrooms with a completely natural look and character, focusing on furniture made of wood of various colours and shades that create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the room. 

Britta loft bed house shaped bed for children

Britta loft bed for children is a very universal solution due to the Nordic minimalism that characterises the entire structure of the furniture. All beds in our extensive collection are durable, stable and safe thanks to the choice of materials that they are made from. The legs of the Britta bed are extremely thick and made of solid wood, they guarantee the solidity and stability of the furniture. The wood has been treated three times with water-based paints and is 100% ecological. So, apart from being solid and functional, the piece of furniture is also an environmentally friendly and entirely natural product.

The loft beds for children with a modern style and original design

A modern loft bed is also a synonym of fashion and we recommend it to all those who want to give their children's bedroom a more exclusive and unique accent. The pattern, although original, is not too complicated and it adds style to the surroundings without exaggerating. The bed structure becomes the centrepiece but is not overwhelming. On the contrary, it adapts and turns out to be balanced with the furniture and accessories already present in the room.

Lasse loft bed for children

The Lasse loft bed for children has an original design, it resembles a small house with a sloping roof, but with delicate shapes. The structure is therefore stable, but overall balanced and does not overwhelm with its presence. The bed was made in the Scandinavian style, very popular in recent years when it comes to the arrangement and design of children's rooms. The bed is made of solid pine of the highest quality.

There is also a detail about the production of this bed that we wanted to reveal to you. No paints or varnishes were used during the production of the bed, all in order to maintain the wonderful appearance of the natural wood that characterises this model. For the safety of the youngest, as always, all edges and corners have been carefully cut and rounded.

Loft bed double bed: our newest product

One of the newest proposals that we have recently implemented is not a simple loft bed, but a solution for those who want to get more sleeping space by using the height to get even more extra space downstairs.

Grimm double loft bed

The Double Loft bed Grimm is our newest model of a loft bed for children.  It was created for siblings who sleep and live in the same room. The Grimm model consists of two beds placed on a loft bed and connected by a common ladder. The loft bed for two is made entirely of solid pine wood, which makes it extremely resistant and comfortable.

Space optimisation with the Grimm double loft bed: functionality and style

As many parents know, good space development and optimisation are necessary for a children's bedroom to be a functional and user-friendly space. For this reason, this solution will prove to be ideal if we want to arrange the bedroom in a way that allows for a peaceful and completely safe sleep and great comfort both during the day and at night.

The space under the two beds is 145 cm high, which means that it can be arranged in various ways. A relaxation zone, with a sofa or armchairs, is the perfect space for reading fairy tales, playing board games and for computer game lovers. It can be turned into a cool play space, where children will be able to freely throw their toys around, without fear of losing them somewhere. In addition, by placing a compact bookcase and desk, this area will become perfect for intensive afternoons.

Loft beds and age groups: are they suitable for all children?

Although loft beds are very versatile and practical solutions, we do not recommend installing this type of structure in rooms with very young children. More specifically, you can buy them, but we encourage you to wait until your child is a little older and at least 6, to let them sleep alone on the loft bed. The reason is simple. To reach the top, you need to go up the stairs and it would be good if the toddler could do it independently and confidently, without the help of a parent.

If your goal is to get additional space in the bedroom for children under 6 and older children, it is better to opt for a bunk bed. The original and fun model will be more appropriate here, because it is more versatile. In this way, we get a downstairs bed for a toddler and an upper bed for the older child.


Loft beds for children aged 6 and over

Having determined that it is better to avoid purchasing a mezzanine bed for children under the age of 6, we may opt for this type of solution from the age of six and up. Growing up a toddler will certainly become more and more independent and self-confident, and we, as parents, will feel more at ease to let them sleep on the mezzanine bed. To make the bed more friendly and fun, we advise you to decorate the ceiling with wallpaper or some other original element that will give the room a unique and stylish character.


Olle loft bed for children

Loft bed Olle for children is the perfect solution for all those who still do not feel very comfortable letting their children sleep on the loft bed, but still want to try out a super safe and original proposal for a children's room. The bed is made of solid wood, so it is solid and durable. Apart from the fact that it is extremely safe due to the safety barrier and the safe and rounded corners, its shape and pattern are exceptionally original and modern. It is a proposal that is convincing with its durability, but also with a unique appearance that distinguishes it from others.

Loft beds for children over 6 years of age and teens

Children in the 6 and above age group, and therefore also teenagers, are the ones who will certainly feel most comfortable sleeping on a mezzanine bed. It will give them a strong sense of independence and autonomy. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep a safety barrier as it is also very functional, even for a teenager. A loft bed in a teenager's bedroom is a dream for many boys and girls, as it is the kind of bed that allows a great deal of privacy and tranquillity, especially during the day when there is a need to engage in learning. At the bottom of the loft bed, many of them can devote themselves to their hobbies, not just to study. It does not matter if it will be playing an instrument, painting, drawing or reading books.

Double bed loft bed for children Emma

The Emma loft bed for children is the perfect bed for this age group and can also be used later due to its size and the comfort of the entire structure. To obtain the outer dimension, it will be necessary to add 10 cm to both the width and length of the bed. The design of the model is very simple, it refers to a minimalist style playing with the glow of the dominant, but stylish white. In order to reach the top of the bed, we have provided a ladder that can be placed on the right or left depending on the bedroom's spatial needs.

How to choose mattresses for loft beds: materials and types

To ensure a good night's sleep for our children, the most important thing will be a suitable mattress. In our offer, you will find many suggestions for this type of construction, but to make the right choice, we must remember about materials that make up the mattresses and, of course, about the appropriate size model.

Latex mattress for loft beds

Latex mattresses remain the most frequently chosen models by our customers. It is one of the most purchased and suitable products for children. Perfect air permeability and elasticity of the mattress will ensure your child a good and deep sleep. Hard support areas allow it to follow the contours of your body while keeping it comfortable and in a correct position.

Coconut foam mattress for loft beds

A coconut foam mattress is a solution that we recommend to allergy sufferers. It has excellent air permeability that prevents the growth of bacteria and other allergens. The coconut layer is protected by a special mat, thanks to which its fibres do not break through the coating.

Foam mattress for a loft bed

The foam mattress is harder than the other models listed. The mattress cover is hypoallergenic and perfect for giving little dreamers a restful and sleepy night.

Highly flexible mattress for loft beds

The Highly Flexible Mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body. Its flexibility guarantees comfort and rest, without any disturbances. Active ventilation and low weight are the undeniable advantages of this type of mattress.

Thermoelastic mattress for loft beds

The thermoelastic mattress is a solution that has recently been introduced to our catalogue and is extremely modern. The mattress conforms to the shape of the body but is also excellent support for the spine. The foam reacts to body temperature, creating a feeling of maximum comfort while resting.

How much is a loft bed for children?

Loft beds for children are a comfortable, practical solution that add  a touch of style to any bedroom. In a teenager's room, we can play with industrial equipment that creates an urban atmosphere, but also with a vintage style. It is a combination that beats records of popularity when it comes to the arrangement and interior design of the house in recent years. These beds give the bedroom an original character but are also versatile, functional and suitable for all budgets.

Prices start from a minimum 200£ and reach a maximum price of 1070£. It is a competitive solution not only in terms of functionality but also convenience.


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