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Single Beds

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What are single beds?

Single beds, because they are only suitable for one person, are the most popular  beds  for a children's room, because they are a universal solution, suitable for any child's or teenager's room, regardless of the size of the room. They are a key piece of furniture for every child's room, as they are indispensable for the proper rest of a child who spends about 2/3 of their life in bed.

However, there are many single bed models available for children and before purchasing a single bed you should understand them all and consider which model is best suited to your child.

Single Beds for Children: How to choose the right model 

What to pay attention to when choosing the right model of a single bed for a child? Every parent wants the bed for their child to be, above all, safe and comfortable. Our beds are safe because among other things, they are low which means they are well designed and made of high quality environmentally friendly materials and are comfortable in combination with an attractive mattress. However, apart from safety and comfort, other features, such as whether it is practical and functional, are equally important when choosing the right model. Another important thing in choosing the right single bed model for your child is its appearance. Below you will find the characteristics of the various single bed models, which are often used as functional beds, with a description of their practical use and interesting and beautiful designs. 

The models that we would like to present to you are the beds with drawers, which can accommodate a mattress for additional sleeping space (extendable beds) or use it to store toys and other items in your child's bedroom. Beds with drawers are functional beds that help keep your child's room tidy at all times. If we add drawers to the beds, we gain valuable space under the bed surface for storing children's bedding, because beds with drawers are an extremely practical solution.

What do our models look like?

Children's single beds come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.

Our beds are compact furniture that do not take up much space, because they are quite universal and easy to place in a bedroom or a children's room. The standard dimensions of a single bed for children are 80x190 cm, but our models can be up to 200 cm long. The design of single beds changes from product to product.

Our offer includes models with simple and economical aesthetics or models rich in accessories that are characterised by a much more refined style. 

If we are looking for a model with neat aesthetics, but without exaggerated decorations, we should choose a classic model made of wood, compact and with a simple structure. The classic model is still one of the most popular models among our customers as it adapts to the tastes and preferences of boys and girls. It is a simple yet stylish piece of furniture that can transform any children's room, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and colourful.

If you want to decorate the children's room in an original way, choose single beds in a modern style, which are the most sought-after models because they allow you to combine different furniture and styles and give the child's room a unique character. If you want to use the most exclusive and fashionable decorative elements to decorate a child's room, a piece of furniture in a modern style is the element of decor that should definitely not be missing.

However, we also offer models in a modern style with an extraordinary design. These models become the real heroes of the children's room, such as the SAILOR bed, i.e. the ship-shaped bed, or the Mila bed, whose unique design makes it both universal and easy to combine with other decor elements in the children's room. You can also choose the Connor bed, whose aesthetics is strongly inspired by the Scandinavian style and is characterised by elegant and modern lines.

How to choose single beds for children by age groups

Basically there are 3 age groups that should be kept in mind when choosing the correct single bed to avoid mistakes. 

Age group 0-3 years - Due to the fact that children are still very young, choose a safe and functional model, but also take into account the appearance of a single bed. 

Age group 3-6 - Toddlers will always need safe and functional beds, but now the structure should be more solid than in the previous age group, because the child is becoming a little explorer.

Age group 6-12 - The child begins to become independent. Now parents should allow their child more and more freedom, especially when it comes to decisions about the decor and organisation of their bedroom. The wishes of your child are therefore of fundamental importance when choosing a new bed. 

Single beds for children - unique models

Choosing the right bed is extremely important because it has a huge impact on the quality of sleep. As it is known, we spend about 1/3 of life in bed, so it is very important to take care not only of your comfort but also of your children's. Many parents face a difficult choice about what kind of bed should be in their home.

When making a purchase, you should be guided primarily by the quality of workmanship and the type of mattress on which our children will sleep. In smaller rooms, single beds are ideal. Billy is one of them. It is a children bed made of the highest quality solid pine. A great advantage is that its edges are rounded, which makes it very safe. You can use mattresses of 10-12CM. The bed is FSC certified.

Another kind is Cami children bed. Like the previous one, it is made of pine. It has side rails protecting the child from falling out. It is available in five different types and so is suitable for both smaller and larger rooms. Cami has drawers where you can store your bedclothes. Mickey single bed is made of both wood and furniture board. Its entry is universal, which means that it can be set to both the left and right side. It is made exclusively from ecological and anti-allergic parts. A great advantage is its low price. It will work in both the toddler's and teenager's room. Currently, Timon S single bed is very popular. It is a high-quality product made of pine wood with a 68cm long railing. The frame is made of plywood and is extremely durable (load-bearing capacity of 150kg). To make a purchase, learn more about the manufacturer's rich offer.

Single beds for children: how to choose the right model

Children’s room- what is the first thing we should buy for it? Undoubtedly, it is a bed, an indispensable and irreplaceable piece of furniture for a toddler’s bedroom. How to choose the most suitable model, especially if single beds are to be practical, comfortable but also designer?

What is a single bed?

Single beds are the most sought after beds for a children's bedroom because they are practical and cozy, although they are not as big or as fun as bunk beds. However, they are a versatile solution that fits into any children’s room or a teenager’s bedroom, no matter if they are large or small. 

Why do we call them single beds? Because they can only accommodate one person, in our offer you will also find single beds for children with an additional, pull-out bed, located just below the main bed, the so-called extra bed.

Single bed with an additional bed Jula

Jula single bed with an extra bed is as functional and comfortable as a single bed, but with the added convenience of an element that makes a difference and makes this model even more practical than others. The bed below is extendable and therefore takes up very little space. At the same time, it is able to accommodate an additional person, and thus allows additional sleeping space. Another advantage of our double beds for children is that you can instead buy a drawer where you can put toys and other items in the children's bedroom. Thanks to this solution, the children's room will always be neat and tidy, and the children will have everything they need at their fingertips.

Who do we recommend single beds with an extra bed for? To all the parents who do not want to feel unprepared when a friend or cousin stays home for a night's sleep, but not only. An extra bed is a convenient option when our baby suddenly wakes up at night due to a nightmare and is afraid of being left alone. The parent, but also the older brother or sister, will be able to keep them company until they fall asleep, lying down comfortably on the extra bed.  

How are single beds presented?

Single children's beds are compact furniture that do not take up much space, because they are quite universal and easy to place in a bedroom or a children's room. Usually the dimensions of a single bed intended for children are 80x190 cm, but our models can be up to 200 cm long. The design of single beds changes from product to product. We have single beds with simple and economical aesthetics or models rich in detail and characterised by a much more sophisticated style.

Let's see together what are the most popular styles that you will find in our offer and how to arrange them in an original way in a children's bedroom or a room.

Modern single beds for a fashionable children's bedroom

Single beds in a modern style are the most desirable models because they allow us to combine different pieces of furniture and styles, giving the child's room a unique and original character. If you want to use the most exclusive and fashionable furniture for your child's bedroom, our single bed in a modern style will be an element that you certainly should not miss.

The materials from which it is made must be natural in order to give the bed a simple and certainly non-trivial look.  neutral tones or pastel colours are some of our most popular colours. In addition to the wooden effect,  single beds in the colour greyare extremely popular, because it is a modern colour and very easy to combine not only with various pieces of furniture, but also with other shades, which are so often present in a children's room.

Single bed for children Amanda

Amanda single bed for children is a truly original model with modern aesthetics. Made from pine plywood, it is characterised by a very special design and a charming and cozy shape, all because its finish is natural wood. It has very rich and versatile shades. While its shape may not seem very simple, this model is perfect for any kind of children's room, whether it is kept in a more traditional or modern style. It will also be perfect in combination with the Scandinavian style, and certainly with its more modern and fashionable version.

We chose plywood as a material not only because it is solid and durable, but also because it is completely renewable, as it has not been varnished or painted. Bearing in mind the safety of the youngest. all the edges of the bed have been carefully smoothed and rounded. You can attach a desk of the same colour and also round shapes to the bed.

Single beds in a modern style and unusual design

Single beds in a modern style can also have such an unusual and original pattern or design that it is impossible not to fall in love with it at first sight. These models will become the heroes of children's room's, and based on the choice of the solution that you like the most, you will furnish and arrange the bedroom around it.

Single bed for children Sailor

The SAILOR single bed for children is a truly original solution both in terms of shape and design. The bed, having the shape of a ship , makes it a proposition that little home "pirates" will soon love. Finished in a nautical style, this model has been equipped with all the necessary accessories, such as a mast and rudder, which will encourage the youngest to creative and imaginative play. The detail we wanted to highlight is the beach basket-shaped headrest . It has a special window and acts as a canopy, an element that protects the brave captain of this cute little ship from storms and waves while he himself is busy searching for hidden treasure. 

The SAILOR bed is not only a nice piece of furniture for fun and dreams, but also a comfortable and completely safe rest for children. For this reason, a practical fence has been installed around the cot to prevent the child from falling out. It was made from high-quality pine wood.

However, if you are looking for a single bed with a simpler, but original shape, take a look at this proposal, which is really very practical.

Single bed for children Mila

The single bed for children Mila is characterised by a unique design, which at the same time makes it universal and easy to combine with other elements of children's bedroom decor. Its shape is truly unique, which makes this model not only extremely comfortable, but also a great place for free and creative play. The Mila bed has been equipped with additional shelves on which we can put various items, from books with fairy tales for children, to favourite novels for older children, but also toys and a reading lamp.

Single beds in a minimalist style and simple aesthetics for a children's bedroom

Are you looking for a single bed with a simple shape and pattern that can accompany your child's development into adolescence? In this case, we advise you to focus on a solution with a minimal aesthetic and minimalist style, the appearance of which is both universal and devoid of "excessive" amount of detail. In such a case, it is of course worth choosing a durable product with neutral shades, light colours and an economical appearance.

Single bed for children Connor

The Connor single bed for children has a simple design, even if it is not a classic single bed, but it stands out with its elegant and modern lines. It's aesthetics refer very much to the Scandinavian style, a trend that conquers the hearts of our customers more and more, and here it returns in an even modern version. This model is easy to match with other furniture, has square but not very rigid shapes and fits perfectly into various interior arrangements, not only those in a purely modern style. This type of product is suitable for different age groups, both children and adolescents, boys and girls.

Classic single bed for a traditional children's room

Are you looking for a single bed with neat aesthetics, but without unnecessary excess? Then we recommend a classic model made of wood, compact, with a basic design.  A classic single bed is still one of the most popular models among our customers, because it adapts to the tastes and tastes of both boys and girls. We are talking about a simple but stylish piece of furniture that will surely change any children's bedroom, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and colourful.

Single bed for children Amber

If you love simple but iconic furnishings, be sure to check out the Amber single bed for children. This model impresses with its minimal and essential aesthetics, but at the same time refers to the traditional design of classic single beds for children. It is a solution that will accompany a child's development at various times, from childhood to adolescence, or at least until their preferences change and finally begin to define themselves.

The single Amber bed is made of pine plywood, which guarantees both the long-lasting durability of the product and its unique aesthetics. The colour is natural wood, with a neutral shade, matching any type of furniture dedicated to a children's room, from a desk to a bookcase. In addition, we recommend natural shades, because they blend in delicately with other shades, even the most expressive, giving the children's bedroom a touch of elegance without giving up originality.

How to choose single beds for children by age group

When we choose a single bed for a child's room we do so in accordance with the style of the interior. In that same way we must also pick the bed based on the age group of our child.  

What age groups are best for which bed? Basically there are 3 groups:

  • age group from 0-3 years - children are very small and therefore we should choose a safe and practical model, but also remember about the overall aesthetics of a single bed.
  • 3-6 age group - Growing up, your little one will always need a safe and functional bed, but now the structure should be more robust than for the previous age group.
  • age group from 6-12 years - the child begins to become independent. Now parents have been giving more and more freedom to their children, especially when it comes to deciding how to design and organise the bedroom. Your child's opinion will now be crucial if you are going to buy a new single bed.

Age range 0-3 years: tips for buying a single bed

In this age group, children are really small and require a lot of constant care, but most of all attention.  In addition to the practical cradles that turn into beds over time, you can buy a single bed that also has protective railings.  We create a safe, practical and comfortable environment, allowing children to get used to being in a children's room as quickly as possible without constant adult supervision. 

Single children's bed with extra bed and drawers Paul Duo

A single bed for children with an extra bed and drawers Paul Duo is the perfect solution for those parents who are looking for a practical and functional solution for a children's bedroom. This single bed is not only suitable for children aged 0-3, but is also suitable for older children. It is very functional due to:

  • drawers to keep everything necessary for the care of a toddler, and what should be always at hand. They can also hide toys and other accessories;
  • pull-out bed, an additional, comfortable and practical place to use when in the evenings, especially in the first stage, you need to keep your toddler company before they fall asleep. The solution is also intended for those parents who still have doubts about leaving the child alone in the room.

For the safety of the little ones, all edges have been carefully cut and rounded.

Age range 3-6 years: tips for buying a single bed

Children from 3 to 6 years old are very inquisitive, want to discover everything around them and use play as a means of interacting with the world around them. Therefore, even when choosing a bed, we recommend furniture that will be, above all, practical and safe, but will also have a nice and visually stimulating shape. 

Single bed for children Bella

The single bed Bella has a modern design that adapts to any children's bedroom, even one with a more traditional decor. The structure of the bed has been "enlivened" in some way, thanks to the frame with flexible shapes that gives movement to the entire environment. Very safe for the youngest children. A durable and solid bed, entirely made of solid pine wood.

Age range 6-12 years: tips for buying a single bed

In the 6 to 12 age group, children want to experiment, get to know the world, but most of all have something to say and get their own way. These desires must be respected and supported, and a great way is to get them to take an active part in choosing the equipment for their room. In fact, if you want to replace some furniture, including the bed, it's time to invite the children and consult with them about the correct bed for their needs.

William single bed for children

The William single bed for children is a very interesting proposition, because it is not only a comfortable and well-made bed, but also a visually effective design that immediately catches the eye. Compared to standard proposals, it is distinguished by a modern Scandinavian design that will easily adapt to the current children's and teenagers' bedroom interior trends. 

The rounded shape makes the model very friendly and cosy. Another very distinctive feature is the choice of material. The wood from which the bed is made is raw, i.e. unpainted. So it allows you to see its natural beauty, knots and rings. Thanks to this, the children's room will look not only modern, but also friendly and charming. 

How to pick mattresses for a children’s bunk bed?

Bunk bed mattresses can be made from various materials, but each model will be perfect for ensuring a good sleep for our little ones. Let’s have a look at what we have available for you.

Latex mattresses for bunk beds

A latex mattress is one of the most bought and best products for our child’s rest. Perfect air permeability and elasticity of the mattress will ensure a restful and deep sleep. Thanks to the presence of hard areas, it adapts to the shape of the body and thus keeps the child’s body in a comfortable position all the time. 

A highly elastic mattress for a bunk bed

The highly elastic mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body. The flexible mattress guarantees comfort and uninterrupted rest. Its advantages are active ventilation and light weight.

A coconut and foam mattress for a bunk bed

A coconut and foam mattress is a mattress suitable for allergy sufferers. It has high air permeability, which prevents the growth of bacteria and other allergenic factors. The coir layer is protected with a special mat, thanks to which the fibers do not penetrate the coating.

Foam mattress for a bunk bed

The foam mattress is characterized by greater hardness, while its cover is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for the youngest.

Thermoelastic mattress for a bunk bed

If you are looking for a super modern product, a thermoelastic mattress is a perfect solution, it adapts to the shape of the body and perfectly supports the spine. The foam reacts to the body temperature, giving you a feeling of maximum comfort while resting. 

Prices for single beds for children

The prices of single beds vary depending on the type of model selected, its design and construction, as well as the materials from which it is made. In our offer you will surely find the solution that best suits your needs, regardless of whether it is a single bed with a sophisticated look or a minimalist model with an essential and economical aesthetics. The price difference is also caused by the personalisation of the bed elements. You will also find beds with a natural character, a nuance that will be additionally emphasised by the finish of a given model, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. Then there are colourful and original solutions that help to give the rooms a unique character and style.

Prices vary and suit every pocket. We start with a minimum of € 128 to a maximum of € 1710.

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