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We prepare all our shipments with due care so that they can be delivered to you on time, intact and at the best possible price. We hope that the joy of shopping made in our store will be even greater, thanks to our continuous work on the highest quality of deliveries and the shortest possible time of shipments, for which we constantly care and try to shorten it to a minimum!

Our suppliers

GLS - our standard carrier providing parcel services covering 41 European countries. Select the delivery option convenient for you, using tracking's page!

WNM-Group recommendation
Dachser - provides comprehensive transport in all European countries, a PREMIUM class supplier. The carrier guarantees a fast courier service of parcels and the courier always contacts you and pre-sets a convenient day and time of delivery. Orders are processed both in the packet and pallet formula.

DHL - a wide range of pallet services and deliveries on the entire territory of Europe. Used mainly for large orders. Transport includes the control of the status of shipments and the service of door-to-door delivery.

DPD - processes small shipments in Germany at the lowest possible price. The carrier guarantees fast delivery within the country for small products and small packages.

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    Powiadomienie o złożeniu nowego zamówienia wysyłamy do Ciebie chwilę po tym, kiedy potwierdzisz jego złożenie w naszym sklepie. Znajdziesz w nim pełne informacje o swoich wybranych produktach, wybranej metodzie płatności oraz wysyłki.

  • In progress

    When we receive the payment for your order, we will proceed to its processing and completion of selected elements. We protect the products carefully and pack them so that they reach you intact.

  • Sent

    The order is on the way and you can track the parcel in the link submitted in the message. We encourage to observe the status of the shipping and check where your package is currently located. The delivery is anticipated in accordance with the previously given delivery times and the selected method of shipment.

  • Closed

    The package has been delivered to you at the designated address and its status has changed to “Delivered”. Should you have any questions about the product, please contact our store customer service.

Dear Customers, please send all inquiries about wholesale orders to the e-mail address: We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding wholesale orders and provide an individual valuation for each customer, as well!
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