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Trundle Beds

Children's Trundle Beds

Many parents often face a huge dilemma about which bed to choose for their children. Choosing two beds is often associated with a reduction of the room space, so it is worth opting for double beds. It is a great solution for those who have a small room for their children. It combines both comfort and functionality.

Which double bed to choose and what needs your special attention? Currently, there are many products available on the market. Among them, there is an inexpensive bed with an additional bed, Julia. Its great advantage is undoubtedly the fact that it has a pull-out and retraction system, which gives you additional space in the room. It is also extremely important that it contains drawers in which you can store the bedclothes. It is a high-quality product made of solid wood and board. Thanks to its rounded sides it is safe for children. Julia double bed is covered with the highest quality varnishes only. It is available in four attractive colours.

Another recommendable bed is Maria. This product is available in six different sizes and is made of fault-tolerant solid wood. The bed entry can be mounted on both the right and left side. The frame is made of plywood. Jula double bed has wooden legs (4.5cm x 4.5cm).

Paul Duo bed is suitable for both younger and older children. It has a second additional bed, which can be separated. It is made of fourteen wooden slats joined with tape. The bed is extremely strong - the maximum load is about 190kg. We encourage you to buy a double bed for your children. This is a great solution for people with a small apartment who often have guests. Visit our website. 

How to choose the most suitable double bed with an additional bed for a child's room 

How to choose the most suitable bed for a child's room? This is a question that many parents ask themselves, but often cannot be answered right away. Choosing a bed is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, because there are several different factors involved.

The bed must be comfortable, safe, especially for children, but also functional. It must be adapted to the overall style of the child's room, so you should also pay attention to the colours, choice of materials, fabrics and design. The bed is a practical, indispensable item, but it also carries the function of interior decoration.

If you are looking for something comfortable, practical and suitable for a children's room, maybe a bed shared by several children? You should definitely try our double beds with an extra bed.

What are double beds with an extra bed for children?

Beds with an extra bed are a comfortable solution that guarantees perfect rest for children, but also a practical and functional piece of furniture that saves a lot of space in the room. Also often referred to as double beds, , they generally consist of 2 or more beds, divided into two bunks.  The first bed looks like a normal single bed placed on a slightly higher level than a standard classic bed. Below, there is a second bed that can be pulled out and placed near the first. The second bed has been placed in a spacious drawer, which makes the whole structure of the bed stable, durable and safe. There are also models that provide for a third additional bed.

In our catalog offer you will find various types of beds with an extra bed and double beds, but let's take a look at a few models to choose from for a children's room.

Billy S Duo children's bed with a drawer with a sleeping function

The first bed that we would like to introduce to you is the Billy S Duo with a drawer with a bed function- the perfect solution for a children's room for 2 children, but also for one child only.

It is a proposal, consisting of a classic bed with an extra bed, i.e. a single bed and an additional bed located in a drawer with a solid and durable structure will support the weight up to 80 kg. An option to consider, not only because it is able to accommodate a cousin or a friend for a sleepover, but also because it is extremely useful when the child is unable to sleep, or often has nightmares and needs their parent's company.

Designs, materials and colours

It was made from high-quality pine wood. For the safety of the youngest users, all edges have been properly cut and rounded, and the paints used in the production are safe for children. The solution mentioned above gives children a good night's rest and plenty of space to play during the day. It does not overwhelm the interior with its presence, even in the slightest degree. It is not only practical, but also stylish in terms of aesthetics, because it easily adapts to any interior style. The available colours for this model are:

  • white
  • transparent
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • grey
  • alder

Beds with an extra bed, with 3 single beds

If, instead of 2 beds, we need 3, but we have very little space, can we count on this type of fold-out bed with an extra bed? Of course, we also have this type of solution in our catalog offer.  Beds with an additional bed with 3 sleeping places are a really practical and very handy solution, characterised by a linear pattern and delicate, minimalist aesthetics.

We can put them in a bedroom shared by 2 or more children with a slight age difference. In this way, the children will be able to stay together, sharing a common space to play and learn, without disturbing each other.

Beds with an extra bed: the Paul Trio bed, a solution with an extra bed, perfect for a children's room

The Paul Trio Bed is a proposition which must not be missed. Practical, convenient and versatile. Recommended for a child's room with 2 or more children sleeping. The bed has been designed to provide each child with the necessary space for rest and sleep. The double bed on two levels Paul Trio with a drawer with a sleeping function is the perfect solution for both children and teenagers. It will perfectly match any type of interior due to its economical aesthetics and neutral colours that characterise it.

It was made from high-quality pine wood. For the safety of the youngest users, all edges have been properly cut and rounded, and the paints used in the production are safe for children. This model has a universal entrance that can be mounted both on the left and on the right side of the bed. Additionally, it is possible to remove the safety rail if you want the bed to be more comfortable and even easier to use.

What is a double bed for?

In addition to beds with an additional bed, folding beds, also double beds turn out to be a very comfortable and practical solution. If you have enough space in the children's room and you are looking for an original and creative solution, double beds with an original design will be something for you. As a result, they can accommodate 2 children, toddlers under 6 years of age. They can do what a bunk bed cannot, as, as a rule, the top bunk is only suitable for children aged six years and over. 

The double house shaped bed Loca: the perfect solution for siblings

The Loca double bed fully reflects the Montessori philosophy of freedom and greater independence from an early age in a child's life. The Montessori beds have become very fashionable, especially in recent years. Thanks to them, children, by experimenting with space and interacting with well-constructed and creative toys and furniture, gain greater self-confidence and independence.

Features of the Montessori double bed

The design of the Loca bed is inspired by this philosophy, and the shape of the small house makes it cozy and functional, while also being a double bed, ideal for accommodating siblings who want to sleep together and share the same room.  The beds are separate but connected by a canopy or a small bedside table. This space is an ideal place for relaxing at night and for creative and fun time during the day. Thanks to the additional option of safety railing , you can be sure that your children will be guaranteed excellent protection against a possible fall overnight. The barrier can be mounted on any side and can be easily removed when no longer needed.

A bed frame, as provided for by the Montessori bed, is placed lower, so that tiny children can use the bed comfortably and safely without the constant help of their parents.

Beds with an extra bed: style of furniture, colours and design

When choosing a fold-out bed with an extra bed that best suits the needs of our children's room, we must take into account several aspects, including:


  • How many children should sleep in the children's room? Are children and teenagers of different ages supposed to sleep there together? Are we talking about brothers or sisters? These aspects are important when we are to decide how to arrange furniture, including a bed with an extra bed, in the best possible way, so that we can guarantee freedom of movement for everyone and the best optimisation of space.


  • How big is the children's room? Are we dealing with a very spacious room or rather compact? The size of the children's room will tell you how and where to place the beds and whether it is better to buy an additional model with extra beds.


  • Furniture style children's Beds with an additional bed have various designs, but the shapes that characterise them are quite versatile. The same goes for the colours. In our offer you will find many models that are distinguished by neutral colours and warm shades. The proposed shades are fashionable and modern, and the colours never go out of style precisely because of the ease with which they can find themselves in any type of interior design.


Children's room shared by several children: beds with an extra bed, how to arrange the space

Beds with an extra bed are beds chosen precisely because they make it easier to arrange the space, especially if there are 2 or more children in the children's room who share the space and live in it. When siblings share one room, it is easier to create different kinds of arrangements quickly, especially if the children are small and have similar tastes. But as they start to get older, things slowly get complicated. In the age group from 6 to 12 years, children begin to define their interests and passions. Their personality type also begins to form, which will then determine in part their character. The children's room is therefore becoming an increasingly important place where children and adolescents take their first steps towards greater independence.

If you have decided on fold-out beds with an extra bed, in our catalog you will find different solutions depending on the age of the child. Let's see 2 suggestions together. 

SAILOR 1 double bed for children up to 6 years old

A truly unique and original proposal is the double bed with an extra bed SAILOR 1, , where sisters and brothers up to 6 years of age can keep each other company, rest and sleep together. It is an ideal proposition for boys and girls who sleep together in the same room.

This is a very special model because it is made in the shape of a ship.  It has a beach basket-shaped headboard and a small window overlooking the room. The roof of the "ship" protects the toddlers' while asleep, making them feel safe and comfortable. The set includes the necessary accessories for the ship, such as the ship's mast and rudder, which will encourage children to have super creative play during the day. There is a stable fence around the bed, just in time to avoid possible falls overnight.  The bed is made of durable pine wood. Decorative elements such as a fence, a canopy or a drawer with a window are made of high quality HDF panels .

Timon S Duo children's bed up to 12 years

If you are looking for a fold-out bed with an extra bed, suitable for children from 6 years of age, but also for boys and girls up to 12 years of age, we recommend checking out this offer, characterised by simple shapes and a modern style. The colour of wood makes this model ideally suited to a child's room equipped with fashionable and minimalist furniture.  The dominant colours will be the neutral ones, but also pastel shades fit well in this context.

So the Timon S Duo bed is the perfect solution for both children and teenagers. It was made from high-quality pine wood. As in the case of our other models, all edges and angles have been carefully cut and polished to ensure the safety of the youngest. The bed has been painted with water-based paints, certified, odourless and safe for the health of children and meeting current European standards. The maximum load of the drawer with the sleeping function is 80 kg.

The available colours for this model are:

  • white
  • transparent
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • grey
  • alder

When to divide a space in a room shared by siblings?

Beds with an extra bed are a perfect solution that can be used in any children's bedroom, but the question that often bothers many parents is when it is necessary to divide the space that boys and girls live together in order to guarantee them a proper sense of privacy.

Let's assume that regardless of gender, at some point in their development, teens demand privacy and it happens that the presence of a brother or sister in a shared room is felt as very invasive. If it is possible to divide the space, we recommend that you do so.  The correct age to do this is around 11/12. By dividing the space, if you have already decided on a folding bed solution, you can still use them, especially if they are easy to move. However, after the age of 12, it may be a better idea to choose something else, such as:



We remind you that the mezzanine beds can be used by children over 6 years old, while single beds are perfect for all age groups, but be careful about the dimensions of the bed.

Timon Duo children's bed up to 12 years of age

The Timon Duo bed is a perfect solution for both children and teenagers up to 12 years of age. It will fit perfectly into any type of children's room, from the most classic and traditional to the one decorated in a modern style. If you have decorated your child's room in an industrial style, we advise you to choose a shade of grey. The Loca bed is made of the highest quality pine wood. The rollaway bed is equipped with wheels and can be easily transported to another place in the room.

All beds in our catalog are very durable, stable and safe. In addition, the thick bed legs made of solid wood will guarantee its durability even more. The maximum load of the drawer with the sleeping function is 80 kg. The wood has been treated three times with water-based paints and is 100% environmentally friendly. It perfectly and permanently protects the wood raw material. 

The style of the furniture and the bed with an extra bed: minimalist, modern or classic?

The style in which the children's room is arranged will quickly and efficiently help us choose the design and aesthetics of the most suitable bed with an extra bed for our children. In our offer you will find various types of proposals that will perfectly match spaces arranged in styles such as:


  • modern
  • minimalist
  • classic


Each of these styles corresponds to a precise bed model. In a children's room with a minimalist style, it will be more appropriate to combine beds with an extra bed in an economical and simple design. In a room with traditional and classic equipment, however, we recommend beds with an extra bed with a less expressive aesthetic, in natural shades of wood. When it comes to a modern children's room, we suggest choosing more sophisticated and bold models, characterised by original design and more intense colours, such as grey, blue or mint.

Children's room in a modern style: a bed with an extra bed with a sophisticated design

In a modern style nursery , we can try out various solutions. The first is to focus on simple furniture in neutral colours, including a bed with an extra bed. So you might choose furniture with linear aesthetics, neutral shades of colour, ranging from the colour of wood to white or vanilla - very bright colours.

Another proposal is to dare to do something more and choose models with a unique, sophisticated and fun pattern, especially if we have to choose a bed with an extra bed, which will eventually be placed in the children's room.

Billy S Duo children's bed with a drawer with a sleeping function

The bed Billy Duo is a new and original solution that you can definitely try in a modern children's room for several reasons. First of all, it is a very practical bed with an extra bed, equipped with a drawer with a sleeping function and made of pine wood of the highest quality. This is a feature that makes it resistant and very elegant.

The shape that characterise this model is its slightly rounded shape, which gives the bed a certain kind of movement and creates a balance of shapes. The available colours are extremely versatile and provide a large amount of light in the children's room. You can opt for a variety of solutions, including colours like:


  • white
  • transparent
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • grey
  • alder


A bedroom in a minimalist style: a bed with an extra bed with an economical design

Children's rooms in a minimalist style are often chosen because they allow you to create a simple and effective space thanks to several neutral-coloured pieces of furniture that provide plenty of light and a pinch of elegance. Even in a space doomed to chaos, such as a room or bedroom for children and teenagers. The furniture is characterised by an economical geometry, and the colours are characterised by neutral or warm shades.

The Levy fold-out bed: minimalist and economical style

The Levy folding bed is a minimalistic and functional piece of furniture, perfect for a room for children and teenagers. Due to their design, it can be used during the day as a comfortable sofa , and when opened, it guarantees a safe and comfortable rest for your child. The model is made of high-quality pine wood and MDF, painted with environmentally friendly white paint - very safe for children.

All the edges of the bed have been carefully polished and rounded, which makes this choice suitable for toddlers and gives the bed a very versatile aesthetic. In addition, the bed has two drawers with a decorative handle that can be used as a container for bedding or as a container for toys.

Classical style children's room: a bed with an extra bed in a traditional design

Children's rooms in classic style are still the most common choice because they have a unique charm. The shapes of the furniture are refined here, and the aesthetics are somewhat retro, always timeless. The colours here are more intense, but not overwhelm the surroundings. Natural-coloured finishes are also the most frequently chosen ones, because they enrich the room with style and elegance.

In this type of room, a pull-out bed with an extra bed will be characterised by a traditional design and solid materials in warm and friendly colours.

Suzie Duo children's bed with an extra bed

The Suzie Duo double bed has one extra bed and is the perfect solution for a classic children's bedroom. It was made from high-quality pine wood. The protective barrier and headrests are made of durable white lacquered chipboard. The entire structure can be painted and adapted to individual needs, despite the fact that in a natural colour it gives the room and rooms a truly unique aesthetic. The Suzie Duo model has a universal entrance that can be mounted either on the right or on the left. You can purchase one or two drawers.

The available colours for this model are:

  • natural white
  • blue
  • vanilla
  • grey
  • pink
  • alder
  • green


How much do beds with an extra bed cost? Prices low to high

As you have already seen, the pull-down bed models are numerous and very different. Our offer includes various price ranges. The highest priced bed with extra bed is a ship-shaped model, it costs 1973 €. The model with the lowest price is a single bed with an extra bed that costs less than 286 €.

And now that you know everything about fold-out beds with an extra bed, are you ready to make your choice?

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