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House Beds

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Children's house shaped beds: how to choose the most suitable model

What are house shaped beds

So-called house shaped beds are beds for children in the shapes of houses. Some models have a simple roof construction, others have a fully equipped wall covering, which turns them into a very safe and functional piece of furniture.

House shaped beds offer you and your child the opportunity to create an individual retreat. Their interesting, often fairy-tale look creates an unforgettable atmosphere and becomes a perfect addition to the child's room. A house shaped bed also offers great decorative opportunities. For example, you can decorate the top of the bed with garlands, fairy lights or fabric panels and what your little one likes. Thanks to this, the bed is a nice place for a child not only to sleep, but also to play with friends and read. The bed in the shape of a small house is becoming more and more popular and is a dream of almost all children. 

Below you will find basic information about house shaped beds from our offer and some tips that can help you choose the best cottage bed for your child or children.

House shaped beds: original and stylish solutions for a modern children's room 

Our beautiful house shaped beds for children are distinguished not only by their practical utility, but also by their unique style, design and colours. Our offer includes models in the Scandinavian minimalist style, which are economical and simple, reflecting the classic Montessori country style beds, but also models with a refined aesthetic that go beyond the Scandinavian style and are characterised by a unique style and great colour combinations. In our store you will find variants that have only scratched outer walls, as well as those that resemble small houses and are equipped with side walls, a roof and in some cases also windows. If your children like to move, you can opt for our beds with a slide.

Beds that only suggest the outline of a home (such as our Claire house shaped bed) look open and light indoors. They also offer a lot of space for decorations thanks to the easily accessible slats.

Tipi style models are kept simple. They consist of criss-crossing beams on top of which fabric panels are laid, creating a cosy appearance for the tent. For example, take a look at our Tipi Plus cot, which is also equipped with two functional drawers. 

Our offer also includes bunk beds in the shape of a house (e.g. our house shaped bunk bed GABY), as well as mezzanine beds that are shaped like a house (e.g. our Lasse mezzanine bed). You can also buy Montessori double beds for siblings that have the shape of a house (e.g. the Loca double bed in the shape of a house for siblings).  In our offer you will also find other interesting suggestions such as SAILOR 1 double bed in the shape of a ship, which will delight every little one. Some models have drawers that give you extra space to store your bedding or toys. There are also models that have a drawer with a sleeping function ( e.g. our bed for children Kacper Duo), thanks to which the house-shaped bed gains two or even more sleeping places for two or even three children (e.g. our bunk bed Bastian Trio).

Which house shaped bed for what age of children

Although children's house shaped beds are generally very safe models, there are some original proposals that are not suitable for every age group. An example are the mezzanine beds, which are not suitable for very young children. Most models of mezzanine beds are designed for children aged 6 years and older. Bunk beds are also not particularly suitable for toddlers. However, there are exceptions: For example, you can always buy our bunk bed house shaped bed Zoe Trio with a slide, which has been equipped with stairs instead of ladders, and is suitable even for pre-school children.

For toddlers, low or semi-high house shaped beds with up to three rungs, fall protection and safety rails are particularly useful to ensure safety during sleep (our Dora children's mezzanine bed or Lotta slide mezzanine bed). 

How big do children's rooms have to be to be able to accommodate house shaped beds

Contrary to appearances, beds of this type are miracles in terms of space development, which do not take up much more space than traditional beds, making them suitable for small rooms.

Popular dimensions of house shaped beds for children are:

90 x 120

90 x 140

90 x 200

120 x 200

By choosing the house bed for children in the form of a mezzanine bed, we gain additional space in the children's room for: playing, reading and learning are all possible under the bed.

As for the material, we focus on solid pine wood. It is considered robust and easy to care for. You can choose between untreated and coloured lacquered beds: Whites, greys and pastel shades are especially popular. Choose the colour of the bed to match the decor of the children's room to create a harmonious overall picture.


Time for a revolution in the world of beds! Discover the new house-shaped beds in our on-line shop! It's a real treat for all kids who love to surround themselves with toys. Honestly, what a child wouldn't like a house-shaped bed? After all, now playing house can be even more real than before! Make a unique addition to your child's room, which will not only be attractive but will also serve as a bed!

House-shaped bed - unique design

What are house-shaped beds characterized by apart from their amazing design? Above all, they are 100 % safe for children, and their installation is not as difficult as it might seem. We have universal models that are good for both boys and girls. In our wide range of products, you will also find bunk beds in the shape of a house, which makes them even more attractive if you have two children in one room! Would you like to buy a house-shaped bunk bed, but for one kid? We can do it! We also have mezzanines, which are ideal for one child! Our beds are not only about saving space, but also about its right organization! Finally, the protruding roof of the little house can be beautifully arranged with interesting accessories such as lamps, stickers, hanging drawings. All this will give your child's room a fantastic climate that can be unique!

House-shaped beds - increasingly more popular

The house-shaped bed is now a rising trend that has already found many fans around the world. Interestingly, more and more parents decide to buy such a bed because it saves money on other furniture in the room since it's the bed in the shape of a house that plays the main role and is always a real eye-catcher! If you think that your child will grow up very quickly and this shape of the bed will start to embarrass him or her, we have good news for you!

A house-shaped bed for a girl and a boy

Some of our bed models will be perfect for the room of a teenager, especially for a girl! Several models of house-shaped beds will work in a room design in the boho style, which has also been growing in popularity for several years now! Children love having fun, so if you want to give your children even more toys that you won't have to throw away later, buying a house-shaped bed will be a great solution. We want children to have their hiding places, secret places and bases where they can be safe at the same time. The house-shaped beds are for all children, but you can't help that it's girls who love them! Playing house has always been the domain of little girls, and this bed will be an attractive addition that will make playing house real. We teach children to use their imagination in different ways. Why not give them something special and useful at the same time! Check all the house-shaped beds in our offer!

Children's house beds: how to choose the most suitable model a the children's room

How to choose the most suitable bed for a children's room? There are really many models and they are distinguished not only by practicality, but also by unique style, design and colours. There are really many original proposals out there, but not all of them are suitable for every age group. An example are the mezzanine beds, functional and modern, but not suitable for toddlers. Single beds for children, on the other hand, are a convenient solution and are undoubtedly suitable for all age groups, but they are often already well-known models.

Now we would like to offer something new and more fashionable, which will decorate your children's room in an original way. Time for a revolution in the world of children's beds!

Are you looking for a stylish, comfortable and safe bed for your child's room? We would like to present to you a one-of-a-kind model that conquers the hearts of the youngest, but also parents, due to its comfort and unique style. We are talking about: house shaped beds - a beautiful solution not only for children, but also for teenagers. Let's see in detail what house shaped beds are and what they look like.

Children's house shaped beds: original and stylish solutions for a modern children's bedroom

The house shaped beds have a very special shape that resembles a small house. We offer many versions, depending on the pattern and style. We have models that are economical, minimalist in nature, which fully reflect the classic Montessori bed, and models with more sophisticated aesthetics, which go beyond the Nordic style and are distinguished by a specific style and a large combination of colours.

Montessori house shaped beds: function, design and colours

Montessori house beds are a solution suitable for all young children in the age group from 0 to 3 years.  They are perfect because they help your toddler be free in the space that surrounds them. Thanks to these types of beds, children learn by themselves and with small steps expand their independence and autonomy day by day. The Montessori house shaped bed is slightly lower than the classic model of the bed available on the market, and this is precisely because it was invented with the aim of increasing the independence of toddlers by making it easier for them to reach the bed without the help of their parents.

The shape that was chosen for this type of bed resembles a house, because it's aesthetics is friendly, comfortable and gives a greater sense of protection to the youngest who cannot wait to fall asleep in this charming space created especially for them.

Nina children's house bed

If you are looking for a classic Montessori bed, take a look at the Nina children's bed. The shape of the bed is very simple, but not stiff, and the material from which it is made is 100% natural. This practical and original solution was made in accordance with the Scandinavian trend,  solid pine wood.  During its production, neither paints nor varnishes were used, so as to show the nature of wood as much as possible. For the safety of little ones, all edges have been carefully cut and rounded.  The wood from which the bed is made from is FSC certified.

The shape of the bed is so versatile that it is easy to fit into any children's bedroom, both in a traditional style combined with more classic furniture, and in a modern, brightly coloured one. Like most Montessori beds, this solution is characterised by naturalness and warm and pleasant shades of wood.

Montessori double beds for siblings

Would you like to try the Montessori house bed, but you do not know how to arrange the space in the children's room for more than one child? In our catalog you will also find models with the possibility of beds for more than one child. Montessori beds for siblings are really convenient and comfortable solutions, while being extremely practical, because they allow us to better manage the space and arrange furniture fittings. This proposal should be chosen to allow the little ones to rest and have their own space, without automatically giving up the company of their younger brother or sister. In this way, children will not only learn to recognise their needs, but also learn to respect the space and privacy of those with whom they share the room.

Double bed for siblings Loca

The double bed Loca is designed for siblings who share a bedroom together and want to sleep together "under the same roof".  The beds are separated, but are connected with each other with a canopy and a small bedside table. A special and versatile solution, ideal both at night and during the day. This house bed has a double function, because it allows children to sleep together without disturbing each other at night, while during the day it turns into a creative corner where you can read and play together. This way, toddlers will learn to manage their space both alone and in company.

Features of the house shaped double bed: Montessori philosophy

The model reflects the philosophy of Montessori beds and provides children not only with the highest level of safety, but also becomes an ideal place for frolics and games. With the option for an additional safety rail , you can be sure that your little ones will have excellent fall protection at night. The barrier can be mounted on any side and can be easily removed when no longer needed. Thanks to the frame placed low, even very young children will be able to use the bed comfortably and safely, without fear of falls at night. The Loca bed is made of the highest quality pine wood  . The paints used in the production are hypo-allergic and safe for children. 

House shaped beds: styles, materials and colours for every children's bedroom

In addition to classic models with a simple and intuitive design, there are cottage beds with more unique and elaborate shapes, designed for bold and fashionable arrangements. Nordic style, straight and economical lines are certainly the most popular and selected accessories for a children's bedroom, because they can be easily combined in any type of spatial arrangement. This style is mainly used in modern bedrooms, where neutral colours or pastel shades are preferred, giving the interior a lot of light and spatial coherence.

Nordic / minimalist house shaped beds

House beds in a Nordic / minimalist style are characterised by a simple and fashionable design. They are an always up-to-date solution that will never go out of style, not only because it is universal in aesthetics, but also because of its choice of materials and colours. All beds from our catalog are made of natural wood, , with the details being warm and cozy, in the colour of wood. The material from which the bed was made is not overly processed, thanks to which it retains intact its natural characteristics and the typical charm of unique and unique handcrafted products.

The minimalist-style house bed can be arranged in any children's room, starting with the one arranged in a classic style, because it will give a bit of lightness to other furniture, and ending with a bedroom characterised by a more bold and colourful furniture style.

Tippi children's house bed

The Tippi house shaped children's bed impresses with its simplicity of style and original design. It is in fact a model that stands out from the rest of the furniture, does not overwhelm, does not impose itself in an invasive way, but on the contrary, it coexists harmoniously with the rest of the decor, emphasising the lines, colours and finish of the environment in which it will be placed. The shapes of this Tent-shaped model are highlighted by light and bright nuances that bring out the bed's profile, emphasising its coherence and Nordic rigor.

As with all beds in the catalog, the edges have been carefully cut and rounded for the safety of the youngest. The wood from which the bed is made is FSC certified. The bed is also equipped with a spring bed frame.

The colours available for this cottage bed model are versatile and easy to match.

In the catalog you will find the colours:

  • white
  • transparent
  • mint
  • vanilla
  • grey
  • alder

Cottage beds in a contemporary style: original and unique propositions

The house shaped beds in the contemporary style have such an original design that when looked at, they seem more like spaces for games and play than simple cots for babies.

Small houses refined in every detail and enriched with details that make these solutions unique. They rise up on several levels. At the base, there is a single bed in which the youngest of children can rest, while children from 6 years of age can sleep on the higher bed. We would like to remind you of one very important thing: loft beds and the upper part of bunk beds are recommended for boys and girls over the age of 6.

Modern cottage beds are available in a variety of shades. In our catalog you will find models with a wooden or white structure, while details such as the roof or windows can be changed and selected in pink, blue, grey or black.

GABY house shaped bed bunk bed

Gaby house shaped bed is a bunk bed , bunk beds with an original design, enriched with details inspired by classic mountain houses, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The model is equipped with decorated windows and roof, which gives the entire structure an extremely cozy and fairy-tale character. The structure of the bungalow rests on the upper bed, while the lower bed is surrounded by a lovely fence. The bed frame is made of durable pine wood , while decorative elements such as a fence, a canopy or a structure with a window are made of high-quality HDF board.

Who to recommend the GABY house shaped bed to

This proposal is suitable for younger siblings who sleep together and share a bedroom. The younger brother or sister will sleep in the lower bed, the older one in the upper bed. It is only important that they are over 6 years old. On the side of the bed there are wooden steps with handrails, under which there is a shelf where you can put toys or stuffed animals nicely. The GABY model will not only provide children with unforgettable fun, but also guarantee them a comfortable and safe sleep.

Cottage beds in a modern style: style and usability in one product

When looking for a product with an original yet economical and versatile aesthetic, we advise you to focus on the cottage bed with a modern style. The solutions that you will find in the catalog are very different, because you can choose a bed with economical shapes, but which has a unique design, or focus on iconic models that will never go out of fashion. Needless to say, these models are made in such a way as not to be able to pass by indifferently. Clients who choose these solutions are looking not only for a house shaped bed, which is practical and stylish, but also one that would be characterised by economy and a sophisticated style, thanks to which the bed will not be overwhelming, but easy to arrange and adjust to the space of the room.

A children's room is not a simple space to furnish or keep in order, so especially when you have very young children, it is better to focus on solutions with a more linear pattern.

Gloria children's house bed

Children's house shaped bed Gloria is often chosen because of its modern aesthetics and linear construction, which makes this proposal easy to combine and arrange even in the most chaotic children's bedroom, with the most sophisticated furniture. Straight lines resembling a hut, there won't be any problems with choosing the most appropriate place to place the bed in the house, be it next to the wall or more towards the center of the room. Very comfortable, ensuring a comfortable rest, intended for very young children, it is also a very cozy space for games and fun.

When inventing this model, the designers chose to focus on asymmetric shapes with bold lines. During the production of the bed, neither paints nor varnishes were used in order to maintain the wonderful appearance of natural wood. For the safety of the little ones, all edges have been carefully cut and rounded.  The materials used in the production are 100% ecological and safe for children.  Each set includes a product with a bed frame, assembly instructions, and a two-year warranty.

Cottage beds in the shabby chic style: solutions for a unique bedroom

In our catalog you will also find other solutions that refer to the style of shabby chic aesthetics, but designed to match a modern and stylish children's room. The shabby chic house shaped bed has a particularly elegant retro aesthetic, but gives the room a freshness and balance between different types of furniture. A solution that can be adapted to a variety of rooms and bedrooms, from classic to the most modern.

Their colours are bright and the reference  colour palette ranges from pastel shades to neutral and soft tones.  

KEVIN SF house shaped bunk bed

The house bed Kevin SF has been designed as a bunk bed, with an original design and in a shabby chic style. The lines here are straight, detail defined, but not "noisy". It is a solution that arranges a child's room in an original way with a more traditional aesthetic, but also fits into modern spaces. During the day it will be an ideal place to play in and at night it will allow the children to sleep safely and comfortably.   The bed frame is made of durable pine wood, while the decorative elements such as the fence, a canopy or a structure with a window are made of high-quality HDF board.

There are wooden bed frames for the upper and lower bed, included in the price of the product. Both beds are surrounded by a beautiful wooden fence.  The furniture is painted with ecological white paint that is safe for children. 

Did you know that most of our bunk beds have an extremely practical function that allows them to divide into two separate beds?  Thanks to this option, you can quickly change the entire layout of the children's room, whenever the need arises.

Who do we recommend house shaped beds to?

We've seen that house shaped beds come in many models, styles and designs, but are they really suitable for all children? It depends on the type of model.

Cottage beds for children from 0 to 3 years old

Among the various proposals for children aged 0-3 years , we can find Montessori house beds, but we can also use these models up to the age of six. Even single beds can have a house shaped aspect and be very comfortable and original.

Single house shape bed Selena

The  Selena bed has a very special design. Although it is a single model, it has the shape of a small house. The aesthetics here is really simple, but the line is reminiscent of the Nordic minimalism of Scandinavian furniture. The model was made in accordance with the philosophy of Montessori, so as to create a space for the youngest in which they can feel independent. In addition, a single bed in the shape of a house will not only provide the child with the highest level of safety, but also will be an ideal, dream place for playing and having fun. Thanks to the additional option, namely a safety barrier, you can be sure that your child has perfect protection against a possible fall at night.

House shaped beds: what not to recommend for children under 6 years old

Other types of house shaped beds include  bunk beds and mezzanine beds.  In such cases, of course, the whole issue changes as these solutions are limited to children over the age of 6. On a bunk bed, a child over 6 years old can sleep safely on the upper bunk, while children under 6 years old will only be able to sleep on the lower bed.

House shaped beds for 6 years and above

Depending on the model, the house bed can turn out to be a real ally of functionality, but also a good style of a children's bedroom for 6 years old and above. At this age, we can actually opt for bunk models or a mezzanine bed, extremely modern and functional. Mezzanine beds are probably the most practical, because they allow us to furnish and arrange the part under the bed, thus creating a very stylish and fashionable interior.

The latter solution is especially recommended for teenagers, because it allows you to create an appropriate space for privacy and peace, necessary while studying or developing personal passions.

House shaped bed on a mezzanine Lasse

The ideal solution for children aged 6 and over, but also for teenagers, is the bed on a mezzanine Lasse in the shape of a house with a simple and versatile design. The natural wood colour makes it ideal for furnishing a modern bedroom, where the furniture brings to mind the neutral nuances of the wood structure. The space under the bed can be completely used to create a pleasant play space or study corner.

The legs of the bed are very solid and thick, they are made of solid wood to ensure high durability of the furniture. The entire structure is made of the highest quality solid pine.  The wood has been treated three times with water-based paints that are 100% environmentally friendly and protect the original raw material.

House shaped beds: prices

Now that you are familiar with the various models available in our catalog, the last thing left for you to consult is the price. How much do cottage beds cost? We have different price ranges which vary depending on the type of model and style. The lowest price for a house bed is 250 € and it is a single Montessori model in the shape of a house in the shade total white, characterised by a minimalist design it is very modern and practical. The highest price for a bunk bed is 2,472 € and it is a bunk bed with an original design, which is very colourful and full of details. The more a bed is enriched with details and personalised, the more its price will increase.

And now it should be enough for you to choose the most suitable model for the children's room!

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