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House Beds for kids

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Time for a revolution in the world of beds! Discover the new house-shaped beds in our on-line shop! It's a real treat for all kids who love to surround themselves with toys. Honestly, what a child wouldn't like a house-shaped bed? After all, now playing house can be even more real than before! Make a unique addition to your child's room, which will not only be attractive but will also serve as a bed!

House-shaped bed - unique design

What are house-shaped beds characterized by apart from their amazing design? Above all, they are 100 % safe for children, and their installation is not as difficult as it might seem. We have universal models that are good for both boys and girls. In our wide range of products, you will also find bunk beds in the shape of a house, which makes them even more attractive if you have two children in one room! Would you like to buy a house-shaped bunk bed, but for one kid? We can do it! We also have mezzanines, which are ideal for one child! Our beds are not only about saving space, but also about its right organization! Finally, the protruding roof of the little house can be beautifully arranged with interesting accessories such as lamps, stickers, hanging drawings. All this will give your child's room a fantastic climate that can be unique!


House-shaped beds - increasingly more popular

The house-shaped bed is now a rising trend that has already found many fans around the world. Interestingly, more and more parents decide to buy such a bed because it saves money on other furniture in the room since it's the bed in the shape of a house that plays the main role and is always a real eye-catcher! If you think that your child will grow up very quickly and this shape of the bed will start to embarrass him or her, we have good news for you!

A house-shaped bed for a girl and a boy

Some of our bed models will be perfect for the room of a teenager, especially for a girl! Several models of house-shaped beds will work in a room design in the boho style, which has also been growing in popularity for several years now! Children love having fun, so if you want to give your children even more toys that you won't have to throw away later, buying a house-shaped bed will be a great solution. We want children to have their hiding places, secret places and bases where they can be safe at the same time. The house-shaped beds are for all children, but you can't help that it's girls who love them! Playing house has always been the domain of little girls, and this bed will be an attractive addition that will make playing house real. We teach children to use their imagination in different ways. Why not give them something special and useful at the same time! Check all the house-shaped beds in our offer!

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