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Youth beds

Beds for teenagers


Modern beds for teen's are an element of the room that is supposed to be aesthetic and, on the other hand, extremely functional. In the WNM Group offer you will find unusual models of beds for the teen's room that will appeal to teenagers. And you will also be satisfied because you will choose the right size of a teen's single bed and a model - with additional shelves or drawers - that will match the style of the room.

Beds for teenagers - an unobvious choice?

Choosing a bed for a teen's room is not an easy task for parents. Surely you have spent many day's planning the arrangement of furniture in your teenager's room and, among other things, choosing a bed. In the room of an adolescent person, a comfortable single bed cannot be missing. A modern bed is characterised by a well-chosen colour and an interesting shape, which, in addition to its basic functions, has aesthetic values and fits the style of the room.


Young people are looking for their place - a corner where they will feel comfortable and will be able to rest after an intense day. In the WNM Group offer you will find eye-catching bed designs for teenagers that they will surely like. You can choose beds for girls' and boys' rooms with various functionalities at competitive prices - we guarantee solid workmanship of the furniture and delivery within the time specified when placing your order.

Teen bed design

Wooden beds or beds made of MDF boards, in a wide range of colours, can be configured on our website during the purchase process. Thanks to our proposals, you will choose perfectly matching accessories for the bed for teenagers and furniture for the set - e.g. desks. In the WNM Group, you can choose modules, e.g. for youth beds with a drawer, or you can buy a mattress with dimensions and hardness suitable for a young person. The product configurator will allow you to select the appropriate modules for the bed (e.g. drawers) or mattresses, allowing for a comfortable sleep. All this so that you can safely make a purchase and enjoy a modern and functional bed for a youth room.


Modern youth beds and sleep comfort 

Depending on the model of the bed, you can adapt it to the room of both a girl and a boy, because as it is commonly known, the youth style is extremely eclectic and expressive. An extremely important aspect that is also worth considering when choosing a bed for a girl's or boy's room is its comfort of use. The ergonomic shape and proper selection of the mattress have a significant impact on the elimination or correction of posture defects among young people. 


In our offer you will find mattresses of various degrees of hardness and density, made of latex, thermoelastic or HR foam, which you can choose perfectly to the needs of young people. Please also pay attention to the sweat drainage and mattress ventilation systems to ensure the teenager's sleeping comfort. In our online store you will find youth beds for a small room, for which you will choose a perfectly matched mattress, which we will deliver to the address provided along with the frame. Single youth beds have 80 cm mattresses, but if the space allows it, we recommend considering the larger sizes. Choosing a comfortable bed for your teenager's room can help reduce the risk of later back pain and uncomfortable sleeping positions, which can cause tension and muscle pain later on. We are glad that we can help you make such an important decision, which is the choice of a bed for a youth room.

 A bed for a teenage girl

In vivid or subdued colours, a mezzanine ... or maybe low with a mattress just above the floor? Now you can choose a bed for teenage girls from many attractive and modern models presented in our online store. Our offer is addressed to girls with specific requirements, as well as for those looking for their own style. A bed for teenagers made of solid materials is a piece of furniture that will allow you to relax after an exciting day and spend a nice time with a book. We present both massive beds, which are the centre of a teen's room, and those in the industrial, vintage style. Create a space that will be functional for your child with WNM Group.

A stylish bed for a boy

A masculine, loose style or a classic boyish interior? What is a boy's bed? On the WNM Group website you will find a bed model suitable for the boy's room. The beds for teenagers that you will find in our online store can be freely configured, both in terms of colours and modules. Among the models of beds for the boy's room, you will find those in grey, green and indigo. They will certainly fit into the interior of the room and will be not only a piece of furniture, but also a characteristic element of the decor. The aesthetic appearance of a small teen's room with a comfortable bed will certainly win the sympathy of young people, and a lively teenager will find a comfortable place to relax in their room.

Details of beds for teenagers

Teen beds with a single drawer or many drawers are a comfortable and functional piece of furniture for a small children's room. You can put bedding or other necessary things in the drawers. Please pay attention to how the refined shape of the furniture can affect the appearance of the whole room - simple classic patterns will emphasise simple interiors and help draw attention to other elements of the room. On the other hand, sophisticated oval or interestingly cut shapes with a skilfully selected colour will give an individual style and emphasise the character of a teen's bed even in a relatively small room. A bed for teenagers with drawers for bedding can be used as a comfortable sofa in the room.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our wide offer of WNM Group - arrange a teen's room with us!

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