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Children's desks - little wizards: how to choose the most practical and stylish model 

Choosing the right model of a child's desk is a challenge for all parents, because it should not only match the decor of the child's room, but also be a safe, comfortable, functional and charming workplace. When arranging a child's bedroom, we must also take into account the fact that a child's needs will change over time, so we will be forced to either make some changes or, from the very beginning, focus on universal solutions in terms of functionality and timeless style. Furniture is the basis for an optimal learning atmosphere and must meet special requirements: In addition to high-quality workmanship and style, functionality is also one of the most important selection criteria, e.g. the size of the desktop, the number of drawers or the possibility of adjusting the height of the legs and/or desktop. In this way, children's desks/ teen's desks can be adapted to the rapidly growing height of a child/young person so that they grow with them year after year. Our desks for children are safe, comfortable, modern and ideally suited to the preferences and needs of young people. We reveal what to look for when buying and how to find the perfect space to study, DIY and paint in the right style. 

What are desks and where should they be placed?

Desks are very functional furniture that come in various shapes and sizes, with a top and drawers or storage compartments, or both, underneath. This piece of furniture allows us to engage in various activities, such as studying, working, but also reading and other forms of spending free time. Desks for teenagers  are functional pieces of furniture with remarkable features, starting from the construction, appearance and general idea. They can be very simple, with a solid top for learning, drawing and playing, or equipped with various accessories, such as shelves or drawers, so that everything you need is immediately at hand. Clearly, a children's desk and chair should be adjusted to their height. After all, students spend a lot of time here and should sit in a properly healthy way. Position the desk so that your child does not have their back to the door or look directly out of the window. Both cause anxiety. Move the desk so that daylight falls on the table top from the left, or on the right for left-handed kids. In a case of little daylight or in the darker months, a desk lamp provides light. If the workstation is not in the child's room: Make sure your child can study in a quiet place where they are not distracted by the TV.

Are you arranging a computer station for your child? The screen is placed in such a way that the child does not have to strain their neck: The view is straight ahead and slightly down, the top of the monitor is at about neck height. The distance between your eyes and the screen should be at least 50 centimetres. Do not place the computer directly in front of a window and do not illuminate it from the front.

Tip: Take your time at first and watch your child as they learn: when do they become restless and unfocused? What's bothering them? Is it absolutely quiet or is background noise better for cramming? Is it better to have a desk right next to the wall or even in the middle of the room?

Models of desks depending on the age of the child

The height and tilt of the desk, the height, depth and shape of the chair at the desk and the backrest all affect the child's posture. If a child sits at a desk that is too high or in a chair that is too high, he or she will quickly lose interest in doing homework. Because when you have to stretch, it gets tight quickly. To precisely fit furniture for writing, first use the metre rule: measure your child and place them on a chair. Now you can adjust the chair to the child and then the table to the seated child. Guidelines for table height, seat height and seat depth in relation to body size are given in DIN/ISO 5970:

Total user size (without shoes) 









Height of the work space of the desk









Height of the chair’s seat









Many models have a height range of about 50 to 90 centimetres in which the top can be fixed. The width and depth of the children's model should not be too small for its use to make sense in the long run. Choose a model with a width of at least 110 centimetres and a depth of about 60-70 centimetres. The optimal colour of the desk is also important: a light and matt top makes it easier to work at a children's desk, explains the German Working Group for Furniture (DGM). This is because the gloss and reflections strain the eyes. Strong contrasts are also problematic, e.g. white paper on a coloured table.

For a small child aged 1-5, a suitable workstation is very useful. Small tables are the best for kids, where they can easily sit down and draw or paint on their own. Choose a comfortable chair that will match the desk model. Just like the children's desk, the chair should also be adjusted to the child's height. Our furniture made of wood will easily fit into any interior. If you want to give your child's room a bit of a crazy character, choose a desk model with a colourful top. 

For your preschooler you need a model that will not only be stylish, but above all functional and adapted to the needs of the child. Children spend a lot of time by children's desks and use them not only for learning, but also for entertainment. A properly fitted model for a child significantly improves the comfort of use. This is especially important in the case of small children, whose skeletal system is still in an intensive phase of development. It is important to choose a desk and chair that promotes correct posture and supports the spine. Ergonomically designed furniture improves the child's well-being and learning quality. Children's desks also need to be solid and stable, because children quickly bring their ideas to life: suddenly the desk model becomes an aeroplane and friends are flying together. 

When school starts, a functional and comfortable desk model should be in the child's room. At WNM Group you will find various types and designs of desks that suit both children and teenagers. If you are looking for a model of a desk for a teenager, choose one with a wide top, which guarantees even greater comfort of use and can accommodate not only exercise books, but also a computer. Flexible models are the perfect solution. Can the table be extended? Good: additional elements such as PC holders, pullers or extensions make the (later) model compatible with a computer. Drawers or containers (on wheels) to store writing and painting supplies, a tray or a hook holds a school bag. Accessories such as armrests and book stands also help with school work. Desks for teenagers with shelves are the perfect solution for a young student's room. The shelves provide space for books, notebooks and other stationery. It is worth choosing universal models that will be suitable for both girls and boys. Thanks to this, the furniture can also be used by several students.

Styles of our desks for children and teenagers

At WNM Group you will find proven solutions for a children's room. In our assortment you will find solid, functional and practical desks for children, which not only guarantee comfort, but also allow you to keep order and well-being of your toddler. For your children, we have prepared models in various sizes and shapes, so that everyone can find the perfect solution. A perfectly matched model not only supports physical development, but is also an investment in the child's future. It is therefore worth choosing a piece of furniture that will meet all the needs of a child / teenager. All our models are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, such as wood. They have been carefully polished and sanded, making them safe even for the youngest children.


In our catalogue you will find numerous children's desks that suit every child and every interior style. You can choose from classic, modern and original proposals. All our proposals also differ in terms of more or less specific aesthetics. Desks for teenagers are functional pieces of furniture with remarkable features, starting from the construction, appearance and general idea. They can be very simple, with a solid top for learning, drawing and playing, or equipped with various accessories, such as shelves or drawers, so that everything you need is immediately at hand. For example, if you are looking for a solid, functional model, you can opt for our  Jeremy desk with a cabinet and drawers, which also has a spacious top. If you are looking for a model in a minimalist style, you can choose our nice  Clara desk for children, which is characterised by a minimalist and simple construction solution. For small children, you can also choose our children's desk Johny. All models are suitable for children and teenagers of all ages. We also have a children's desk made from wood and a Scandinavian-style height-adjustable desk, such as our Flapp house-shaped children's desk. You will also find models of desks that you can place under a mezzanine bed and which are very original solutions, such as our Molly desk for teenagers with a drawer and a shelf, which is very practical and functional and has, among other things, a fold-out extension with two holes for wires. 


We have seen how our children's desks present themselves in a clean, modern style, but in our offer you will also find eye-catching ones that suit both more complex and intricate, as well as traditional and classic styles. In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are also other, more daring models, such as: Models in the Shabby Chic or Ethno and Boho styles (children's desk Aurelia with drawer or Anne with drawers) or in an irreplaceable and very fashionable industrial style like our Evi wooden desk.


Functional desks for children

The choice of choosing the correct desk for your child can be a challenge which every parent faces. In the child’s room, aside from a wardrobe and a bed, we must not forget about a functional study area. At WNM you will find well known solutions for your child’s bedroom. In our offer we have durable and practical desks, which not only guarantee comfort but also allow you to keep tidy. We prepared many desk options in many sizes and shapes for your child, so that everyone can find their perfect match.

What desk to choose?

Your child is starting primary school soon and you are searching for a desk for them? Do you need a desk that will not only be stylish, but most importantly functional and made for your child’s needs? We spend more and more time at a desk daily. Kids use their desks not only for homework, but also for entertainment. A well matched desk will make a massive comfort difference. It is especially important for your children who’s skeletal system is under development. It is a good idea to match the desk size to the child’s height. It is also important to choose a desk and chair that will force the right posture and support the spine. Ergonomically designed furniture will improve the wellbeing of your child and the quality of their schoolwork.

School desks for children

Along with the start of the school year, a child’s room should be equipped with a functional and comfortable desk. At WNM Group you will find all sorts of types and shapes of desks. Thanks to this you will find the perfect solution for small and large bedrooms. If you don't have a large area to work with, it is worth choosing a slim and simple desk, for example one that will fit under a mezzanine bed. If you choose a desk with drawers you will make it easier for your child to keep their work area tidy. If you are looking for a desk for a larger room, pick a model with a wide surface area, which will guarantee even greater comfort of use and will fit not only school supplies but also a computer.

A desk with shelves will be perfect for your little student. The shelves will create space for books, notebooks and textbooks. You will easily fit a computer on the desk, especially during online learning. It is worth choosing universal models, such models will be perfect for any gender. Thanks to this, the desk might be used by more than one child in the future.

Small desks for children

You have a nursery school student and are wondering if it's the right time to get a desk? The right place to study will be a great idea even for a small child. Although you must remember to choose a desk with the correct height for your child. For the youngest students small desks will be the right choice. Pick a desk that will be easy for them to sit at and use without parental supervision. Creating a special study space will motivate your child to learn. All our desks are made from the highest quality materials which are resistant to damage. The desks have been polished thoroughly so that they will be safe even for the youngest users. Don't forget to choose the right chair for the desk. It must also be the right height. Wooden furniture will easily match any arrangement. If you want to add a little fun to your child’s room, pick a desk with a colourful table top.

A perfectly matched desk will not only help the physical development of your child, but also will make them enjoy schoolwork. It is therefore worth choosing the perfect desk for your child.


Children's desks: how to choose the most practical and stylish model


When arranging a children's bedroom, we must remember one fundamental thing.   That the needs of children will change over time, so we will have to make some changes to their work space as time passes. Especially at the beginning, when the child is very small, we advise you to equip this space with simple furniture with economical aesthetics and delicate colours. So children's bedroom furniture should preferably be made of wood and left in a natural colour as much as possible.


Over time, we can start introducing some colours, ranging from cheerful pastel shades to bolder and more intense colours, which will also be chosen according to the preferences of the youngest. The older the children are, the more we have to involve them in choosing the type of furniture for their bedroom. After all, we are talking about a space tailored to their needs, and not forgetting their safety.


Therefore, a children's bedroom must be a safe, practical place that allows them to play and play, but also to study in complete peace. One of the pieces of furniture that absolutely cannot be missing in a children's bedroom, is the desk. It must be chosen based on the age and height of the child.


What is a desk?

 Desks are highly functional pieces of furniture. They come in different shapes and sizes, equipped with a table top and drawers or shelves located under the table top. The desk allows us to carry out various activities, including studying, working, but also reading and devoting ourselves to other entertainment. It is a type of furniture that can be found not only at home, but also in offices or other types of specialised studios.

Children's desks: what they are and how to choose the most suitable model

Desks are one of the most common pieces of furniture in any home. We can place them in different rooms. There are those who prefer models with an elegant and sophisticated design to be placed in the living room and those who have a desk with drawers and shelves in their office. Even in a bedroom, it is not uncommon to find a desk, as a rule it has a more classic shape and resembles a more traditional desk.

Children's bedrooms are one of the house rooms where desks are almost always present. What are children's desks made of and how to choose the right model?

In our catalogue you will find many solutions that will suit every interior style. You can choose from classic, modern and more unique and original proposals.

Desks for children and teenagers: what do they look like

Desks for children and teenagers are functional pieces of furniture with distinctive characteristics, ranging from the structure, appearance and concept in general. They can be very simple, have a solid tabletop where you can learn, draw and play, or be equipped with various accessories, such as shelves or drawers, so that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Let's have a look at   2 different models. The first one is characterised by practical drawers and a balanced and roomy table top. The second is more minimalist, both in terms of form and structure. Both models are suitable for children and adolescents of all ages.


Jeremy children's desk with drawers and an extendable table top.


The Jeremy desk for children and teenagers is a very special model, because it has drawers and an additional table top. It is an ideal proposition for furnishing and making the children's bedroom an even more functional space, especially if we focus on modern furniture with economical aesthetics.

Equipped with a large tabletop, where you can learn and play, because of the large space we have at our disposal. The desk also has 2 large drawers, which will provide the perfect place to store all the necessary accessories, which would be nice to have at hand at all times. The desk comes with a practical extension with additional drawers, which allow you to extend the desktop and provide plenty of extra space for storing all school supplies, from books and notebooks to pens and paints.

The container can be placed on the left or right side of the desk, depending on the needs. It was made from high-quality laminated board and pine wood. Wooden elements such as the handles, the base of the desk  and an additional tabletop will give the interior a warmer and more cosy atmosphere.

The Jeremy children's desk is available in different colours for you to choose from:


  • white
  • grey
  • blue
  • pink
  • black
  • green
  • red
  • turquoise
  • yellow
  • navy blue
  • dark grey


Clara children's desk


Definitely simpler, but very beautiful, our Clara children's desk is a solution with minimalist and frugal design, much liked and appreciated by our customers. This proposal is perfect for any children's bedroom, from the one decorated in a more classic style to those more modern and characterised by bold proposals.

We can combine them with furniture of similar lines and aesthetics, but also create a pleasant contrast, both in the children's bedroom and that of a teenager, due to its simple and linear aesthetic. It offers very convenient support where you can learn and do your homework in peace, but it will also help you read, play or play games. The desk has been equipped with a practical laminated board top and seated on stable white wooden legs. The desktop is available in 6 very original colours, so that it can be easily matched with furniture already present in the children's bedroom. All the edges of the table top have been carefully cut and rounded so as not to make this a practical piece of furniture an uncomfortable obstacle in places where there is a lot of movement and frequent passes.

The available colours that you can find in our catalogue for this lovely desk are:


  • white
  • grey
  • blue
  • pink
  • green
  • turquoise


Where to put the children's desks

Do study and play desks for children, but also for young people, necessarily stand in the bedroom? No, and that's because they can be easily adapted to other spaces as well. If the children's bedroom is very small and does not have enough space for a desk, we can rely on several other solutions.

Desk under the mezzanine bed

An original and space-saving idea is to place a desk under a very practical mezzanine bed. What are mezzanine beds?

These are very popular solutions, fashionable in recent years, which are really worth looking at. These are beds similar to bunk beds, but the difference to the latter is that the bed is placed on a raised structure, while its lower part, instead of containing another bed, such as in the case of a classic bunk bed, is practically empty.

This is where the desk comes into play. It is here, in the lower part, that we arrange a study area for our child, consisting of a desk, a comfortable armchair or chair, and maybe a carpet, so that everything is very friendly, cosy and decorated in an original way. There is a very important point to bear in mind here, namely: loft beds, like bunk beds , are intended for children aged 6 years and over.

A comfortable and modern desk to be placed under the mezzanine bed is, for example, our desk for children and teenagers with a drawer and shelf Molly.


Molly, a desk for children and teenagers with a drawer and shelf. 


Delicate design, simple lines, taking up very little space, this Molly children's and teens desk with a drawer and a shelf - perfect to be placed under a mezzanine bed due to its simple aesthetics and elegance. An extremely practical model.

The modern Scandinavian style desk provides a functional and a very comfortable study and work station where you can learn, read and play. It consists of a spacious table top, made of a varnished MDF board, in a matt white colour, with dimensions of 120x60 cm, and an anti-slip mat. Another original element of this desk is the extendable table top, designed with two holes for wires, made of MDF board and finished with veneer.

A place for some additional storage is a drawer that can hold various accessories and school supplies necessary for home study. The Molly desk is also characterised by stable legs made of powder-coated metal, which guarantees the durability of the furniture. In addition, the desk is resistant to moisture. Although its aesthetics are very delicate, the entire structure of the desk is very solid and durable.

Here, however, one question arises: what if we cannot for some reason install a  mezzanine bed?

A children's desk doesn't have to be placed in their bedroom, it can also be in other spaces such as the home office or living room. 

If you cannot furnish your children's room with a mezzanine bed, because you may have children who are not yet 6 years old, or you just don't think it is the most suitable solution for your needs, you can safely arrange a study corner for children in another room, e.g. in home office or living room.

We advise you to focus on a model that will be practical, contain several drawers and shelves, and will certainly have a simple, economical style. Let's see some interesting proposals taken from our catalogue with which we want to inspire you.


Andrea children's desk with drawers


Andrea children's desk with drawers has the perfect tabletop to create a thoughtful and functional study corner in a space that will not be a classic bedroom. In fact, we can place this desk in the living room, choosing a colour that will fit effortlessly into the chosen space, always keeping in mind the overall aesthetics and style of the rest of the furniture there. It is equipped with a practical table top with a special hole for cables, made of high-quality laminated MDF board. The great advantage of this furniture is the removable back panel, which offers additional space for attaching notes, drawings or photos.

It can also be the perfect support for books or notebooks neatly placed on a shelf. In addition, the cabinet has 2 large drawers under the desk top, in which you can store the necessary school supplies, as well as school books or, for example, a game console. The desk is based on stable grey legs with a footrest, which improves the comfort of sitting and ensures the correct posture of children and adolescents.

A wide selection of table top colours allows you to match the furniture to all types of interiors. 

And so the available colours to match the rest of the furniture are:


  • white
  • grey
  • blue
  • mint
  • pink
  • green
  • red
  • turquoise
  • yellow


Jasmin desk with drawer


The Jasmin desk with a drawer is a very elegant solution that you can boast of putting it in the living room, but also in a home office , and at the same time remaining an excellent support for learning or reading. We recommend this desk to create a study and reading corner for your children, especially for those who do not have enough space in the children's room and are looking for another room where they could organise a suitable study space. The Jasmine desk has been made from a combination of beautiful transparent lacquered birch plywood and natural beech wood.

Its design is simple, and its minimalist aesthetics make it suitable for any type of furniture. It is equipped with a large tabletop and a practical drawer that turns out to be a functional space where you can store items necessary for learning. Solid legs made of solid beech wood guarantee the durability and stability of the entire structure and make the furniture very light and subtle. The great value of the Jasmin desk is the ability to choose the colour of the top from among the many available proposals, among which we can find colours such as:


  • white
  • natural
  • grey
  • blue
  • Yellow


Elio desk with storage space


Seemingly very simple, but extremely practical, the Elio desk with a container is a unique model, it's one of a kind.  Its minimalist design makes it an ideal solution for various rooms, not only for a children's bedroom. And indeed, if you do not have enough space in the children's room, you can create a study corner for children in the living room by opting for this functional desk.

It was made from high-quality laminated board and pine wood. The desk is equipped with a spacious tabletop , which will provide a very comfortable base for work or study. The uniqueness of this solution is also due to the practical container under the desk, which is ideal for storing textbooks and, in general, various school supplies.

The Elio desk is available in three sizes and in various colours to choose from, namely:


  • white
  • grey
  • natural
  • black
  • Red


How to choose a desk depending on the age of the child

One of the most important criteria when choosing a desk for children, apart from the place and room in which it is to stand, is also the age of the child. There are differences to be aware of as each model is different from the other, and not just with regard to the specific function it has within itself.

Very young children should have small desks, compact and colourful models. All our products are made of natural materials and covered with non-toxic paints, because the safety and health of our customers is always the most important for us, regardless of the age group in which they are.

Desks for children: preschool period

Here we will briefly outline the differences in choosing the most appropriate solutions depending on the age of the children. For the preschool period , we recommend straight desks, preferably in natural shades, or opt for soft, light colours such as pastel colours. During this period of our baby's development, we recommend a model that is not too big, but has a suitable table top, which will allow them to read, draw, paint or perform small artworks for the first time. 

It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the height of the child, because too low a desk would prevent correct posture. It must therefore be an ergonomic and comfortable product, so that children can easily sit, draw and read on their own. The height of the desk should be selected depending on the child's height, especially in this age group, especially delicate and important for the child's development. Also pay attention to choosing the right chair.


Children's desk with a drawer Maria


For children who are just starting their adventure with reading, drawing and first homework, we recommend a desk that has very simple aesthetics, is compact, but allows the child to move freely.

The minimalist Maria desk is the perfect solution to try in a children's bedroom. Its design makes it unique and versatile, so it can be placed in an environment of any style of furniture and interior. A really convenient and friendly proposition where you can start taking your first steps in learning and doing your homework. The product consists of a large tabletop made of high-quality white laminated board, supported by stable wooden legs. The desk is also equipped with a practical drawer in which you can store various school supplies.

Desks for school children

The desk should be changed as the child grows. Like the bed, this piece of furniture "grows" with the toddler covering various stages of their life, and thus satisfying their needs.

The more the child grows, the better it will be if we change a small desk to larger models, with a friendly tabletop, several shelves and drawers, where you can put everything you need to study. In addition, the desk will not only be a basic aid for learning, drawing and reading, but it will also accommodate consoles and computers, making it the perfect playing space.


Margo desk 


The Margo Desk is a truly versatile and easy-to-fit piece of furniture for a school-age child's bedroom. The table top has a neutral colour scheme, thanks to which the child does not get distracted. It is wide and well-organised, so you can arrange books and notebooks as you like, with complete freedom.

The model is characterised by a modern design and for this reason, both in terms of practicality and design, it is very functional. It provides children with a lot of space and a comfortable place to study. The desk is equipped with a large bookcase and a drawer without handles for storing practical accessories. Made of high-quality glossy lacquered laminated panel, it is scratch and moisture resistant.

Children's desks and interior styles

All our proposals also differ depending on more or less specific aesthetics. We've seen them appear in a more lean, modern style, but also fit in with solutions that wink towards more complex and intricate styles, or at least traditional and classic. In addition to the above-mentioned, there are also other more daring models that include styles such as: 

  • shabby chic style
  • ethnic and boho styles
  • the very fashionable industrial style


Aurelia children's desk with a drawer


Aurelia children's desk with a drawer is a proposal inspired by the romantic sweetness of the shabby chic style. This applies to both its flexible shapes and colour selection.

 The delicate blue is extremely unique here, a bit more intense than the classic pastel colour, which gives the interior elegance and a refined accent. Equipped with a large tabletop, it allows you to sit freely at the desk.


Anne children's desk with a drawer


Anne children's desk with a drawer is even more special both in terms of the design of the product itself and the choice of colour, the vibrant green gives a lot of brightness to the interior. The style and design of the desk fits perfectly in children's bedrooms with boho chic accents.

The product is characterised by a large table top made of high-quality laminated panel, which will provide your child with a comfortable place to study. Its white, V-shaped pine wood legs guarantee stability and durability of the entire structure.


Evi wooden children's desk


Definitely bold and with character, the wooden desk Evi is inspired by the industrial style and is the perfect piece of furniture to give the interior of a children's bedroom a raw and super original touch. It is a combination of colours and materials that makes this seemingly very simple product unique.

The top is made of a laminated panel, finished with melamine. In combination with a structure with a very intense black colour, it looks extremely elegant. It will certainly emphasise the modern character of the interior in which it will be located. The legs of the desk are made of powder coated metal, all black.

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