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Baby cots:  How to choose the right baby cot? 

Baby sleep is a topic that worries all parents. We already know: if the baby doesn't sleep well, no one will stay at home! Choosing a safe, practical and comfortable cot for your baby is important to ensure that your baby has a good rest. What to look for when buying a baby cot? What should it have and what safety requirements should it meet? We will try to answer these and other questions so that the choice of the most appropriate cot does not deprive you of sleep.

What to look for when choosing a baby cot?

Before you buy a baby cot, you should answer the following questions:

Co-sleeping yes or no?

Co-sleeping is the practice where infants or children sleep with one or both parents. This type of sleeping offers many advantages for some families. Of course, there are a number of precautions to take when co-sleeping in bed, as there is a risk of suffocation or crushing, especially when co-sleeping with children under 6 months of age. In such cases, choosing an extra bed allows you to practice safe co-sleeping, enjoy its benefits and not put your child at risk. If this option suits you best, check out what you need to consider when choosing an extra bed.

How much space do you have?

In order for the cot to be placed comfortably and practically, it is necessary to measure the space well. This is very important, especially if we choose a fold-out bed that is larger than traditional beds. Baby cots usually measure 120×60 cm, which is the main suggestion for young parents. Cots of other dimensions are rarely found, because they need to allocate more space in the room. Usually, parents want to have their baby with them, which is why the above dimensions are the best solution for parents' bedroom in the first months of life. Our beds do not differ from the accepted size standards, but they are significantly improved in terms of the child's comfort! All our beds have height-adjustable mattresses that can be adjusted to the current needs of the child and have the option of a low railing. 

How long will the child use the cot?

Baby cots, toddler beds, extra beds or cots that can be converted ... There are many options. The choice between one and the other depends on our priorities and how we want to use them.

Are the materials and finishes of the cot safe, functional and practical? 

Both materials and paints or colours of the cot must be non-toxic. You'll see how often you'll find your baby sucking on the rods or nibbling on the handrails. Special attention should also be paid to workmanship: that there are no sharp edges or corners, and that the fixing screws are polished and matched. Once you have chosen the most suitable crib for your baby, all you have to do is enjoy it, watch it sleep peacefully and be amazed at how fast it grows! Sweet dreams for the whole family! Are these baby cots with fall protection and height adjustment? Do they have drawers for storage? Do they have a couch function?

Cradle or baby cot?

Baby cots are completely different beds than classic single beds, which we usually buy for children in the 3 and up age group.

Baby cots are above all higher and have protective nets on all sides. These are absolutely baby cots with fall protection. When we talk about baby cots, we often mistake them for  cradles, but these are two different things. The cradle is much smaller than a baby cot and has a different structure. Most cradles are built to be rocked, while a baby cot is stationary. The cradle can be used up to around 6 months of age, and up to a maximum of one year of age. It cannot be denied that a cradle has a unique charm, it looks almost nostalgic and romantic, also from the designer point of view, which has few accessories such as furniture. At some point, however, there must be the transition from the cradle to the crib, which is usually recommended as early as the sixth month of the baby's life.

Our offer for baby cots 

Among others you will find an effective and delicate Moses cradle, a wicker basket with a very elegant appearance, which is also very environmentally friendly. The product is 100% natural.  It was made with great care and attention to detail. The cradle is made of thick willow trunks, thanks to which the structure is solid and stable, but not at all unwieldy. The upholstery of the cradle is made of a soft fabric that guarantees maximum comfort for the child, especially during sleep. It is suitable for children up to about 6 months of age.

Most of our models (such as the Jessy cot, which is very modern, or the Pepa cot, which can also be transformed into a toddler bed) are height adjustable, which is very functional and practical. Although the baby is not mobile in the first months of life, this will change over time. Babies after a few months can be very active and therefore will try to get out of bed. All beds in the children's collection on the online shop are height-adjustable in three levels. The first level is suitable for babies who are not yet able to move on their own, the second for children who can sit up unaided. The third level has been developed for children who can already move and walk and who like to get out of bed when parents are not looking. The third level is the lowest level of the cot. Therefore, they should be lowered as much as possible when the child is older and able to move. An interesting solution is also our Lola children's bed with three-level height adjustment, which is additionally equipped with a rocking system and a storage drawer. You can also opt for our baby cots with fall protection, extra bed and drawers, such as our Paul Duo rollaway bed, if you want to sleep close to your baby. 

All our models are made of solid wood and high-quality MDF boards, which are 100% safe and durable. The safety of your little one is our priority. That is why all the corners of the cots are rounded to take care of the little ones. We also have the required FSC certificate, which guarantees the safety of paints used to paint beds!

Accessories for the baby cots 

In addition to the offer of children's beds in our online store, all parents can find the necessary accessories and furniture for the children's room! The mattresses, bedding and accessories we sell are created with the youngest and their needs in mind! In the offer you can find, for example, a cot cover such as our profiled protection for the cot made of cloudlet foam, which can be placed on the cot frame. The cover of the cot protects the child from hitting the hard bars. The cover of the cot is made of certified polyurethane profiled foam and allows for mounting on various types of barriers of the baby cot. It is covered with an extremely soft Minky material that can be easily removed and washed. The covers are fastened with a special, certified, child-safe zipper.

We are convinced that with our beds and children's furniture, our customers will arrange fantastic bedrooms for their children!

New family member on the way? When we are trying to arrange a room for a baby a cot is the first thing that comes to mind. It is right there that your baby will spend most of its time after birth. It is therefore important that you choose a cot for your child before it is born. Every parent wants to have guaranteed high-quality and solid furniture for their children, because they are the ones that ensure safe sleep for their little ones! Wnm-Group online store appreciates simple and effective solutions that simply just work in the bedrooms of many kids! Among the beds for toddlers, you will find various products from white beds to grey and in different shapes! As a responsible company we have a FSC certificate which ensures the paints used in the production are safe. All children’s furniture in our store is also made of solid wood, which is safe and resistant to many external factors. If you value a good finish and great quality of beds for toddlers, be sure to check our offer!

How to choose the right baby cot

Baby cots most often have dimensions of 120 x 60 cm which is what most young parents should aim for. Rarely do you encounter beds in different dimensions because you need to arrange more space for those. Usually, parents want to have their little one near them, that is why the dimensions above are the best solution for the first couple of months. Our cots do not differ from common size standards but are significantly improves in terms of a child’s comfort. All our beds have mattress height adjustment which can be moved according to the current need of your child or serve as a low barrier. Remember, the wood used in production of our cots is 100% ecological and safe for the youngest. Additionally, when buying a cot, you can also buy a fitted mattress of your choice that will meet the need of your child.

Baby cots for toddlers with height adjustment

Although your baby will not be extremely lively during the first few months of his life, that will change over time. Children after a few months can be very active and thus they will try to get out of the bed. All cots form our collections for toddlers in online store have a three-level mattress regulation. The first level is suitable for babies who might not be able to move independently, the second one for children who are able to sit on their own. The third level has been created with children that already move and walk in mind, the ones that would gladly get out of the bed while their parents are not looking. It is the lowest level, so it should be lowered as much as possible if you child is older and moving on its own a lot. In our online store besides baby cots, you will also find dedicated mattress and other accessories that the youngest family members will love.

A baby cot or maybe a cradle?

These dilemmas are sure to find their place in a young parent’s head. After all, everyone wants their baby to be as comfortable as possible. The answer however boils down to whether you have enough space to put a baby crib in the room as it takes more space than a cradle. If you plan to designate a separate room for your child or your bedroom is large, this cot will be perfect. On the other hand, if you have limited space then a cradle will be a better solution, because the dimensions are slightly smaller the cot. However, both options are good as long as there is an abundance of space for the child at home.

In our store you will find equipment for cots and children’s room!

In addition to the available offer of baby cots in your online store, every parent will find the necessary accessories and furniture for their child’s room! Mattresses, bedding, and accessories sold by us are made with the youngest and their needs in mind! If you want to make your child happy and guarantee his safety, be sure to place an order today!

We focus on quality and the safety of your child

All of cots for babies and children are made from solid wood and high-quality MDF boards, which are 100% safe and durable. The safety of your toddler is our priority; thus, all the corners of the cribs have been rounded to take care for the youngest. We are convinced that with our beds and children’s furniture our clients will arrange amazing bedroom for their children!

Baby cots: how to choose the most suitable solution for a baby's bedroom

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting events in life, but it is also a turning point with great changes and new responsibilities. Life changes completely, its priorities, rhythms and habits. There are also great changes with regard to the house or apartment, its equipment and the type of interior design. The first thing to do is create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby on the way. Its time to design a children's room, think about what it should look like, what to buy, what furniture is necessary, what colours to choose, starting with the walls and ending with the furniture. And what about the crib? What model will be the most suitable for such young children? Choosing a baby cot is not that simple, but it is one of the first things you should buy before having a baby.

In our offer you will find various types of proposals, suitable for children in the 0 to 3 age group.  Before we find out how to choose baby beds that best suit our needs, let's see how to arrange a children's room for the little ones.

Equipment of a baby's bedroom

After the first months of dizziness and being somewhere between joy, anxiety and a thousand questions, one of the first things to do in order to be well prepared to welcome your little one is creating a friendly, safe, but also practical environment. 

Efficient space planning plays a fundamental role here, because it will allow parents to move easily, especially in the initial period, in chaos, looking for a change of clothes, such as diapers, toys or other accessories necessary for the baby's everyday life. A well-organised and tidy room will not only allow parents to move around smoother and more efficiently, but will also make the fast-growing baby feel comfortable, especially when it starts crawling and taking its first steps.

A must-have in a newborns room

The cot is certainly one of the most important pieces of equipment in a bedroom for babies, but what else can you not do without?

After dividing the space in the children's bedroom into:

  • A play area in which to place the child's toys in baskets or in special boxes;
  • A sleeping area, where the selected bed should be placed;
  • An area reserved for diaper changing with a changing table, shelves, organisers where you can put baby clothes and accessories and everything you need to change your toddler.

The furniture chosen to furnish a children's bedroom should be characterised by an economical pattern and simple shapes. Few things are needed, but only the ones most practical and functional. So the dresser fits here perfectly, it should be placed in the area reserved for nappy changes. The wardrobe should also be nearby. It should not be too large, for storing clothes, coats, bedding and quilts. It is best if it had a minimalist design. In addition, the practical baskets and  containers for storing toys that we place in the play area. Some people already want to equip the room with a desk and shelves, but they are not necessary furniture for the age group from 0 to 3 years.

What colours to choose for a children's bedroom

Another very important detail to keep in mind when designing a children's bedroom is the choice of colours. Starting with the walls, we advise you to choose colours with light shades, that are warm and not too dark. It is important that the spaces are cozy and warm, so we recommend neutral colours or pastel.  Fancy wallpaper will be another great solution here to decorate your bedroom walls in a stylish and unpredictable way.

When it comes to furniture, we will opt for furnishings made of natural materials, preferring, if possible, wood and in light shades, so as to give the rooms more light and a feeling of more space.

Baby cots: which model to choose?

Baby cots are completely different beds than classic single beds , which we usually buy for children in the 3 and up age group.

These beds are taller and have safety rails on all sides. When we talk about baby cots, we often mistake them for cradles, but these are two different things.

The difference between baby cots and cradles

The cradle is much smaller than a baby cot and has a different structure. Most cradles are constructed to allow rocking, while a baby cot is stationary. The cradle can be used up to around 6 months of age, and up to a maximum of one year of age. It cannot be denied that the cradle has a unique charm, it looks almost nostalgic and romantic, also from the designer point of view, which has few accessories such as furniture. 

At some point, however, there must be the transition from the cradle to the crib, which is usually recommended as early as the sixth month of the baby's life.

The Moses cradle, romantic and friendly

Apart from the very inviting design, cradles are also very practical, because they can be easily moved to every corner of the house, and thus keep the child in the eye of the parent.

The suggestive and delicate Moses cradle is a wicker basket with a very elegant appearance, it is also very ecological. The product is 100% natural. It was made with great care and with special attention to every detail. The cradle consists of thick wicker shoots that make the structure solid, stable, but not bulky at all. The lining of the cradle is made of a delicate fabric that will guarantee the child maximum comfort, especially during sleep. The cot is intended for children up to 6 months of age.  The dimensions of the cradle are:

  • Width 62 cm
  • Height: 105 cm.
  • Length 90 cm

Such a versatile product with straightforward elegance can be left in the bedroom, next to the parents' bed or in the child's room. Of course, we can move the cradle wherever we go, because despite its solid construction, it is very light. 

In addition to the cradle, we can also use a baby cot, which is much more practical and versatile. If design is what worries you, because you think that it is not as iconic and fashionable as the cradle, do not worry, because in our offer you will find really original and sophisticated models in both light shades and natural colours.

Angel baby cot: practical, comfortable and stylish

Baby cots are very practical beds and recommended to people who are looking for solutions that are not only durable, but also stable and easy to use. A baby cot is a functional solution that will furnish and give the children's bedroom an original touch by personalising its interior.

The Angel Baby Cot is very versatile, functional and with a fashionable design. The piece has been made from high-quality pine plywood.  For the safety of the little ones, the cot has an integrated headrest and densely placed rungs.

An additional advantage is the strong, durable and well-ventilated cot base, which has been equipped with the possibility of height adjustment on 2 levels, depending on the child's age:

  • The neutral level which is a bit higher and adapted for newborns;
  • Low level, intended for older children who are already starting to stand up on their own.


The furniture is based on stable legs connected to each other at the bottom of the bed by a frame. The varnishes used in the production of the furniture are environmentally friendly and anti-allergic, which makes the entire structure safe for the health of children. The Angel bed is recommended for children up to the age of 3 and is available in various colours, such as:

  • white
  • wood colour
  • grey

A different mattress for each model: how to choose the most suitable one

When choosing a baby cot, we must also remember to choose the most appropriate type of mattress for the bed. There are many models in our range, but let's take a look at them together. It should be remembered that each model is distinguished by the material that makes up the mattress. Which ones are worth recommending and how to choose them?

Latex mattress: comfortable and practical

The latex mattress is one of the most purchased and most suitable products for our child's rest and sleep. Perfect air permeability and elasticity of the mattress will ensure your child a good and deep sleep. Thanks to the presence of harder parts, it adapts to the shape of the body, and thus keeps the body in a comfortable position at all times.

Highly flexible mattresses for baby cots

The High Flexible Mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body. The flexibility of this mattress guarantees comfort and uninterrupted rest. Active ventilation and low weight are its indispensable advantages. The perfect solution to guarantee a lot of peaceful dreams for our youngest children.

The coconut foam mattress is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers.

Coconut foam mattresses are suitable for allergy sufferers. It has high air permeability and prevents the growth of bacteria and other allergenic factors.

Foam mattresses: comfortable and suitable for baby cots

Foam mattresses are characterised by greater hardness, while its cover is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for the youngsters.

Thermoelastic mattresses: a novelty that you absolutely should be acquainted with.

The thermoelastic mattress is one of the last novelties in our offer. It is an extremely modern solution and it is definitely worth taking into account. The mattress conforms to the shape of the body, but is also an excellent support for the spine. The foam reacts to body temperature, creating a feeling of maximum comfort while resting.

Furniture style and baby cots: design and colours

Baby cots are very versatile products and therefore can be easily adapted to the furnishings of almost any bedroom. Usually, the style of furnishing a child's room is very simple and poorly defined, because there is no clarity about the ideas on how to precisely arrange and decorate this space. In fact, many parents prefer not to invest too much time and resources in a personalised bedroom when their children are still very young, so that they can engage in the process later when they are older, so that they can create a space specially adapted to their liking. .

The baby room can be decorated with 3 types of current trends: 

  • classical style children's bedroom - simple and economical furniture, but with special attention to small details. In this type of children's bedroom we can find shabby chic furniture and traditional aesthetics.
  • modern style children's bedroom. Almost all bedrooms for babies, or at least for very young children, are decorated this way, because they are very simple, but also very effective. In addition, modern furniture is very intuitive and fits well with others, without any problems with arrangement.
  • minimalist bedroom with furniture of essential, simple shapes, giving the space a formal balance. In this case, bright colours dominate.

Classic style children's bedroom: how to choose a baby cot

The irresistible charm of children's bedrooms arranged in a classic style continues to charm and conquer the hearts of many people. Despite the fact that there are all kinds of styles and trends, and they are very original, the classic style does not pass away. Calming aesthetics, attention to detail and the use of unique craftsmanship are the real advantages of this style. How to choose the most suitable baby cot for this type of environment? 

In our offer you will find many proposals that reflect this type of style. So we recommend beds with shades in the colour of wood and a sophisticated design. One such model with a traditional look is the Jessy crib .  

Jessy baby cot: sophisticated, with retro shapes

The Jessy baby cot is a very interesting proposition to consider when we want to decorate a bedroom in a classic style. Its vintage shape captivates the heart at first glance, as does its refined design. The model has been made from first-class solid pine wood  in combination with elements made of high-quality MDF board. It is very comfortable and practical, thanks to the height adjustment of the bottom of the bed on three levels , which should be adjusted as the child grows. We recommend this model for this age group from 0 to 3 years. The cot is available in grey, of course not too traditional, but it is a very versatile and extremely fashionable colour, especially in recent years.

Children's bedroom in a modern style: original aesthetics and pastel colours

One of the most frequently chosen furniture solutions for decorating a toddler's bedroom are in the modern style. It is a room equipped with furniture of simple, linear and defined shapes, light colours, especially neutral, but also pastel shades, it's very bright and sophisticated. A children's bedroom in a modern style allows us to personalise the interior, introducing a bit of sophisticated style, and it also allows for easy arrangement of space, thanks to versatile and fashionable furniture and accessories. Every detail is important here and never accidental. Starting from the simplest items to the more necessary ones, everything will be chosen here so that the bedroom is functional, but also very stylish.

And what will the baby cot look like? We recommend a very simple model, preferably in natural tones, made of wood, enriched with warm and cozy shades, such as the Pepa crib, simple, but really original

Pepa baby cot: stylish, with a unique design

It is really impossible to miss the originality of this modern proposal, as well as its extremely unique style. The Pepa Baby Cot stands out from all other previous solutions with its eclectic aesthetics that adapts to any context and is not overwhelmed by the presence of other furniture. It integrates with the environment without over-imposing itself, creates a balance, not only thanks to its economical appearance, but also thanks to the choice of colours; white and wood colour.

The model has been made from first-class solid pine wood  in combination with elements made of high-quality MDF board.  It has a height adjustment for three levels, and thus the ability to adapt the cot to the current needs of our child. The is an additional option in the form of a low handrail which turns the bed into a small sofa perfect for a preschooler.

Also in this case, we recommend this bed for the 0-3 age group.

A bedroom in a minimalist style: essential but stylish

A bedroom, decorated in a minimalist style, gives the environment essential rigor, thanks to its clean and simple lines and flat and monochrome colours. This style is often chosen because thanks to the use of light and neutral colours, it gives the interior a lot of shine. White is definitely preferred over the rest of the neutral tones here, as it widens the spaces and gives them an immediate touch of elegance. Furniture and accessories are distinguished by the economy of lines and shapes as well as the simplicity of details. And the baby cot? What should its shape and colour be? We would like to recommend you the Kiko baby cot - it will be the perfect solution for a children's bedroom in a minimalist style.

Kiko baby cot: simple and timeless

The Kiko baby cot has a very simple but effective structure. Made of solid pine of the highest quality, it will perfectly fit into furniture with restrained shapes, while giving a touch of elegance and originality. Like all our models in the range, this solution also features three levels of height adjustment. We recommend it for the 0-3 age group. The cot is very practical and can be easily combined in a children's bedroom, even with furniture with a very expressive style.

How much do baby cots cost? Prices from low to high

Baby cots have a very different prices, which vary depending on the type of model and pattern. There are many solutions in the catalog that not only adapt to different styles of furniture and, of course, to the needs of children, but are also adapted to each pocket.

The highest price for a baby cot is € 499. This model is truly unique. It is a crib Tiny, which was handcrafted with care and attention to detail. The biggest advantage of the crib is a strong, durable and well-ventilated base, which is height-adjustable on two levels - depending on the age of the child.

The cheapest baby cot costs only 115 €is the Kiko model with a simple and essential design that suits every type of bedroom, especially one with a minimalist spirit and style.

And now that you have learned in detail how baby cots have been made, are you ready to choose the most suitable one for your little ones?

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