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Table for toys Spike

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Table for toys Spike in the shape of a dinosaur is a perfect piece of furniture for your child’s room. It has been made from 15mm thick high-quality pine plywood. Pine plywood is a material that is not only attractive visually, but also ensures the highest durability. Furniture made from plywood are solid and strong. Anyone who cares about the environment and the ecology will be delighted with the fact that this material is nature-friendly and fully renewable as it is neither painted nor varnished. Visible layers of veneers catch the eye, ennobling this piece of furniture and adding depth. All the edges and corners have been carefully polished and rounded. This kind of table fits perfectly with the Scandinavian style in a modern version. Scandinavian style furniture made from plywood is a real hit. They constantly acquire new customers.


✅ The solid shelf for toys is made of high-quality 15mm pine plywood. Furniture made of plywood is actually solid and durable.
✅ Eco friendly materials used in production are some of the main advantages of this piece. No varnishes or paints were used in its production.
✅ All edges of the furniture have been carefully polished and rounded, which guarantees safety while playing.
✅ A table with an original shape, is a perfect piece of furniture for every child's room.
✅ Dimensions: 54x78 cm. Height: 70 cm.


70 cm


54 cm


78 cm

Material Type

Pine Plywood 15 mm


Instruction & fittings


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