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We arrange room for child with allergies - how does it look in practice?

In May, we wrote to you about what paints to paint furniture and interiors are safe for children who have allergies. This applies to all of its types, due to the fact that the weakened allergic organism responds much more rapidly to any irritating substances. We encourage you to take a look at the entry dedicated to allergy-free paints, certificates that should be used by wall painting technicians, find it HERE


Today, we will focus on practical advice on how to decorate a child's room that has been diagnosed with allergies. Many parents, when they hear the diagnosis in the allergist's office, panic because they think that life will suddenly turn 180 degrees and they will have to rearrange not only their surroundings, but also their whole lives. There is a bit of west with allergy space, but it is not as complicated as it may seem.


First of all, it is worth knowing that allergy is a problem that is called the civilization disease of the 21st century. Even one hundred years ago in Poland this problem concerned only 1% of the population. Meanwhile, it is estimated that currently 40% of Poles can struggle with various forms of allergy! This number is shocking, because an untreated allergy can result in many consequences, such as asthma or atopic dermatitis. What's more, allergy, for example, to cow's milk protein may evolve over time due to frequent contact of the body with other allergens and go into an inhalable form. This is the so-called allergic march, that is, the transition of one form of allergy into another.


One of the most common reasons for sensitization are airborne allergens, or house dust mites or molds, which can be a problem to avoid at home. Many parents find out that the child has an allergy gets scared that it will have to completely change the home decor, habits and reorganize the lifestyle. Concerns also largely concern the space in which the child is the most, ie his room and bed. Today, we will suggest how to arrange a small allergy room to be safe for him.


Floor and walls


In this case, the old rule is saying that less is more. In the allergy room the best solution is bare floors and bare walls, literally. Ideally, the floor should be made of natural wood protected with water-soluble varnish. Natural impregnation preparations such as waxes or oils are inadvisable. A good idea, because of the ease in maintaining cleanliness are also floor panels, but it is worth paying attention to whether they were produced without harmful additives. One of the biggest problems of allergy parents is the fact that there should be no carpets or carpets in the room. This issue can also be circumvented in a relatively easy way. There are special liners for allergy sufferers, which not only prevent development of mites, but are also resistant to mold and have the ability to absorb airborne dust. An alternative to the rug are also cotton sidewalks, which warm up the interior and create a place to play on the floor, and it can be washed quickly and easily.


The walls in the allergy room should be free of wallpapers and too many pictures or decorations on which the dust likes to gather. On a smooth surface, the impurities settle to a much lesser extent than on a rough, with a lot of depressions. In building stores, paints are also available with the approval of the Polish Allergy Society, which do not contain harmful substances that may exacerbate the course of the disease. You can find out more about recommended allergenic paint from our May entry.


Bed and furniture


The best choice for a small allergy is bed and furniture made of natural, good quality wood. This raw material not only has no allergenic properties, but additionally has anti-static properties, so that dust does not settle on wooden beds and furniture. It is also important to choose a producer who guarantees painting the bed with paints marked with appropriate standards and certificates regulating substances contained in them and their safe level. It is worth paying attention to the beds without a drawer, preferably on a slight increase, so that the space underneath it can be cleaned without any problem. From the point of view of allergy sufferers, bunk beds and the mezzanine are also a good solution. Dust particles are heavier than air, so they have a tendency to fall down. Sleeping on a raised mezzanine, the air compared to the one on the bottom is much cleaner, especially at night, when nothing puts it in motion.


As important as the bed itself, there is also a choice of a suitable mattress. Sleeping on mattresses with the addition of coconut or buckwheat is not recommended, especially synthetic materials with a compact structure are recommended. Foam, latex and sponge are perfect for children with allergies to mites and mildew.


Textiles, stuffed animals and toys It is difficult to imagine a window that is not decorated with curtains or curtains. They perform not only an aesthetic role, but above all provide privacy and confidence that no outsiders will look into our windows. It is true that in the allergy room it is not recommended to hang heavy and massive blackout curtains, but airy curtains are an option. The green light also has blackout blinds. A condition that will make the blinds and curtains safe for the allergy is their frequent washing and rubbing off the dust. The teddy bear is certainly the child's best friend, however, soft, furry mascots are also a great place to live and develop mites. In an allergy room, it's a good idea to limit the number of plushies to a minimum and replace them with easy-to-clean wooden or plastic toys. In the case of wood, it is worth paying attention to the paints and impregnations that were used in the production, as in the case of other products for painting. They should have all the necessary certificates and certificates confirming their safety in contact with allergies.


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