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The bed for a girl - which one to choose?

Are you looking for the perfect bed for a girl that will play first fiddle in her room? If so and your child's bedroom is to be his kingdom, then you must do everything to make him want to come back to it and have fun in it! Choosing the right bed is the basis, and in our online store you will find a full range of children's beds that will be perfect for your child's growing up! Are you looking for something non-standard? Check out our offer and see for yourself that you will not find such beds anywhere else!

What is worth paying attention to when buying a bed for a girl?

  • First, to the preferences of your child,
  • Wide functionality,
  • The size of the bed and saving its space in the room,
  • A place to store toys and accessories if you need one.


Holly Loft bed, for girls who like to look from above

The Holly children's loft bed is a good choice for a girl's room if you want to save every centimetre in the child's bedroom. The mezzanine is a great choice not only because it saves a lot of space, but it is also a great place to play and sleep! The Loft bed is a more interesting alternative to an ordinary bed, thanks to which it is more and more in demand on the market. Children love to climb ladders, play when they are slightly off the ground, and if they can do it in bed, they will have even more fun every day! The solid workmanship of the furniture makes the mezzanine in no way sway and is 100% safe for your daughter!

 Antresola Holly dla dziewczynek

Bob house bed, for girls who like playing at home

It is widely known that girls love to play at home, and the house-shaped bed can provide this fun for the child every day! The house bed, thanks to its unusual shape, is easy to decorate with e.g., lamps, so you can create something amazing yourself, which will add additional charm to the furniture! The Bob bed is equipped with a drawer that will accommodate your child's bedding, accessories, or toys. The house-shaped bed proves that it is not necessary to buy a boring and standard piece of furniture that the child will not like. In addition, the solid construction of the bed made of solid wood is a guarantee of safety during long and crazy games!

 Łóżko domek dla dziewczynki Bob

The bed house Britta - the perfect hideout

A treehouse is a dream for every child, both young and old! Why not give him this pleasure in the room and put a mezzanine in the shape of a house in it? For a girl, it will be a great place to play with friends or siblings, at the same time giving space throughout the room, thanks to the possibility of saving space. Britta is an example of a piece of furniture that combines functionality with fun and it is an incredibly good combination!

 Łóżko dla dziewczynki domek na antresoli Britta

Dream Trio bunk bed for more than one girl

Or maybe you have more children in your home who you want to guarantee a perfect room with a children's bed? We know that it is sometimes difficult to find two or three separate rooms for children, especially when the number of rooms in your house or apartment is limited. A bunk bed is a practical piece of furniture for siblings who share a room. The Dream Trio bunk bed, created for girls, is a practical piece of furniture that has an extra sleeping space for a friend when she comes to stay with her siblings for the night!

 Łóżko piętrowe dla dziewczynek Dream Trio

Aida single bed with an unusual shape

The non-standard shapes of the Aida bed are a combination of your child's safe sleep and amazing decorations that will decorate the children's room. If the consolation you are looking for a bed for is getting older and its requirements are more and more, this model is perfect for her bedroom! Aida is the perfect piece of furniture for an older girl who is slowly growing out of sweet and cute things to be able to enjoy simplicity and minimalism.

 Łóżko dla dzieci pojedyncze Aida

Simple and functional Molly Duo double bed

The Molly Duo bed is a model that will work perfectly in the bedroom of an older girl who often invites her friends to the night or spends a lot of time with her siblings! The simple shape of the bed and the choice of colours allow you to choose a piece of furniture for almost every children's bedroom, thanks to its versatility! The drawer under the bed, which serves as a separate bed, is very easy to slide open and does not take up space in the bedroom during the day.

 Łóżko dla dziewczynki Molly Duo z szufladą z funkcją spania

Non-standard shape of Olaf bed

Are you looking for a bed for a girl with a slightly avant-garde and unusual look? If so, and your daughter is already entering her teenage years, the Olaf bed will be perfect for a minimalist interior! Despite the simple shapes, the bed has a unique design, thanks to which it will add a climate to the interior of the bedroom. It is a bold proposition for girls who want to have a more serious look for their room.

 Łóżko dla dzieci pojedyncze Olaf dla dziewczynki

A charming bed for a girl's room Svipp

The irregular shapes of the simple Svipp bed give it a unique character that will complement a child's room. The wooden frame of the furniture is very solid, and the round edges are rounded for the sake of the youngest. Svipp is a unique bed for a girl that can be easily decorated with colourful pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. It is a type of bed that will work in any room, regardless of the colour of the walls or furniture, because its versatility makes it look good anywhere!

 Łóżko dla dzieci pojedyncze Svipp

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