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  • House type crib made of ecological solid wood - what is their phenomenon?

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House type crib made of ecological solid wood - what is their phenomenon?

House type crib made from ecological solid wood - what is their phenomenon?

What comes to your mind when you hear: the perfect crib? You surely have an image of an elegant safe piece of furniture in your favorite colors, with lots of soft bedding and pillows. But in this image, is there a place for… ecological wood? BIO cribs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Made of solid unvarnished wood, they fit perfectly into any interior - from Scandinavian to rustic. Their simple forms and minimalism go hand in hand with health benefits for your child. What else is worth knowing about BIO cribs?

Modern, eco-friendly house type cribs - what distinguishes them?

We only have one Earth and its future depends on every seemingly small human action and on each of us. These words by Florian Plit are timeless. Fortunately, more and more people realize that caring for the environment really matters. In line with this principle and care for the youngest and future generations, BIO cots are made of 100% natural material - solid wood.


Unvarnished baby cribs in the shape of a house are an ideal solution for parents who want to take care of their child's health, safety and comfort. Solid wood is a pure and natural tree which under the influence of several stages of processing gains valuable properties. No harmful materials and additives or poor-quality plywood are used for its production. As a result, the children’s house cribs made from solid wood are natural as well as ecological and their slightly resinous scent remains in the air for a long time.

BIO cribs are made of a noble material which is resistant to the destructive passage of time. Solid wood is characterized by durability and solidity, which translates into their long life. You don't have to worry that the piece of furniture will no longer be fit for use after a few years. Ecological wood will last several dozen years. In addition, solid wood makes each house cribs unique. There are no two identical shades and grains of a piece of furniture - this is largely where its originality and aesthetics lie.

Each room with a BIO crib has a friendly microclimate. Did you know that wood… breathes? Not literally, of course, but it is vapor permeable, which means it contributes to the regulation of moisture. In addition, pure "genuine" wood does not contain any toxic additives or substances that "seep" into the environment. Therefore, you do not expose your children to a hostile or even a dangerous climate. This is also true for small allergy sufferers, who are affected by many plastics.

Of course you cannot but mention the design of wooden cribs in shape of house. They are distinguished by non-standard shapes - they really imitate real houses. High canopies, on which you can additionally hang mascots or creatively arrange stickers and other decorations, allow you to arrange the space according to individual preferences. In addition, wooden cribs perfectly fit into the Scandinavian, Provencal, rustic, boho or pork chic styles. The fashion for wood never passes away!

BIO cribs - not only outside matters!

Regardless of whether you want to invest in bunk beds for children or the single ones, you need to pay attention to one more criterion. We're talking about a mattress. BIO cribs are not only a natural and ecological casing, but also a solid mattress made of carefully selected material.

Wooden cribs with a latex mattress are noteworthy, as they are distinguished by flexibility and good air permeability. Latex follows the contours of your body and allows you to assume the most comfortable sleeping positions. It is all due to vertical springs wrapped in foam, placed separately in fabric pockets. An alternative is a highly elastic mattress that responds to body pressure and adapts perfectly to the body shape.

Children who struggle with allergies will feel relief on a foam-coconut mattress, reinforced with a special mat. Its permeability prevents the development of allergens and bacteria. Thermoelastic models that respond to body temperature are also very popular. As a result, the material adapts to the anatomical structure of the child, which improves blood circulation and relieves the spine. As a result, sleep is even more more regenerating and effective. Such mattresses do not have gaps, so they are impervious to the ingress of mites and the growth of mold.

The BIO version of the house cribs is undeniably remarkable. It is worth considering the pros and cons before buying such a piece of furniture. One thing is for sure - your child will be delighted with it!

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